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Eating Out & Weight Loss

Eating out is fun. Americans spend billions of dollars doing it each year; you can spend time with family or friends and not have to worry about cooking or cleaning up. You can eat delicious foods that you yourself cannot cook. But eating out is sometimes a nightmare – or a challenge to say the least – for people who are trying to lose weight. How do you eat out without eating too much? How do you resist the temptation to get fries or onion rings instead of a boring old garden salad? Take a look at some eating out tips before your next trip to the restaurant.

Tips For Losing Weight Whilst Eating Out

First, limit eating out if you can. A lot of people are so busy that they don’t think they have time to cook. If this is true for you, try taking an afternoon or evening and preparing your meals for the week. You can freeze a lot of things and just take them out when you need them. Eating out is a treat – save it for those days when you need a little break from your routine. It’ll make eating out more special and fun.

If you limit the amount of times, to say once per week, that you eat out, you can splurge a little. If you love mozzarella sticks, order some to share with your dinner mates. Then make sure you have a vegetable with your main course. Or order a salad and steal a few fries from a friend. If you never eat dessert, and this place makes the best sundaes, share one or get a small or child-sized one. Kids are good to eat out with; a lot of the times they can’t finish their dessert, so you can just share with them instead of getting your own.

Share if you can or ask for a doggie bag first. Restaurants give enormous portions most of the time, especially fast food or chain restaurants. Some restaurants don’t allow plate sharing, so ask for a box. You can put half of your meal in it before you even start to eat. Restaurants typically give you enough food for two or three, and sometimes even four, meals, so you’re not starving yourself by any means. If you leave it on the plate, it increases the likelihood that you’ll eat it. Put it away so it’s out of your mind.

One last piece of advice: avoid buffets like the plague! Well, maybe once in a great while, but it is almost impossible to limit your eating at an all you can eat buffet. Stay away if at all possible.

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Eating Out & Weight Loss
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