Eddie Murphy Supplements

The Eddie Murphy Supplements Are Exposed

Find Out How The Celebrity Comedian Bulked Up In Less Than A Month

He’s the funny guy we all love to laugh at.  The incredibly talented actor with an uncanny ability to play a diverse range of parts in the same movie – remember The Nutty Professor and Coming To America.  With such a distinctive voice that it’s easy to spot him behind characters like Donkey in the Shrek animated films.  And who could forget those remarkable vocal chords of his ….

Eddie Murphy Supplements - Muscle BuildingBut even when playing police officer Axel Foley in the Beverly Hills Cop movies we didn’t see Eddie Murphy like he is now!  With a ton of muscle, ripped abs and insanely bulked up.  In fact, his transformation has been so sudden and so comprehensive that rumors about possible ‘substance’ use have been running hot.  Eddie however strenuously denies having used steroids and attributes his torso makeover to completely legal products.

We were intrigued so we kept a close eye on Eddie to see if he would come clean about what he uses and we didn’t have to wait long.  The once lanky stand up comic came right out and said that he was using perfectly legit dietary supplements.

All jokes aside, that’s the rather ordinary truth of it all.  No illegal substances whatsoever.  Just a couple of muscle supplements that, when taken together, combine forces to create a rapid muscle-building combo like no other.

However, whilst the truth about the Eddie Murphy supplements may be boringly legitimate the results are certainly anything but!  And whilst it’s tempting to remain highly skeptical about such products – when you think about these celebrities with such amazing physiques it, it does make sense.  They’re pretty busy people so you do wonder how they find the time to put in the gym hours required to build muscles and abs like that.  Well, now we know….

Eddie Murphy Supplements

To be continued …

Planet Supplement Quick Wiki

HGH Ingredients

HGH supplements are becoming increasingly popular. By promoting the function of pituitary glands, these supplements can help increase the secretion of HGH into the bloodstream. As more of this potent hormone is produced, users should experience a wide array of benefits including increases in muscle growth, bolstered stamina, heightened metabolism, and better energy levels. With all these effects combined, many people report feeling ten to twenty years younger.

Human Growth Hormone Supplements

However, not all human growth hormone supplements are created equal. Some fact yield no results while some can be dangerous or illegal. With so many different HGH supplements out there, how do you know which formula to pick? To help you guide you to the best products, we’ve listed some of the best ingredients to look for down below.


This amino acid is a perfect addition to any growth hormone product. Its chemical makeup provides the brain with materials it needs to construct neurotransmitters. By providing more of these chemical messengers, tyrosine can intensify neural connections between the brain and the pituitary gland. As the pituitary’s connection to the brain is strengthened, it can more easily receive messages to secrete more HGH into the bloodstream.


Like Tyrosine, GABA helps improve neural connectivity between the brain and the pituitary gland. However, GABA can also raise plasma hormones within the body while also improving the body’s sleep cycle. During deeper sleep, the pituitary becomes more active in producing HGH.


Though many supplements use L-Arginine to raise nitric oxide levels, this amino acid can also be used in HGH supplements to increase the body’s ability to naturally create and distribute hormones throughout the body. Arginine also plays a part in proper immune function, wound healing, and anabolic muscle growth.

L-Valine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine

These three amino acids are also known as the branched chain amino acids. Together, these ingredients provide HGH with the materials it needs to spark protein synthesis, the body’s natural muscle building process. Valine, isoleucine, and leucine are vital for building new muscle tissue, healing wounds, and raising energy levels.

Best HGH Supplement

Though we were hard pressed to find all these ingredients in one supplement, we finally did. The only product we found that contained all of the compounds listed above was an HGH releaser called GenF20 Plus. This product is all natural, completely safe, and 100% legal. So far, the customer feedback has been tremendously positive. Its ability to fight the effects of aging, restore youthful energy, build muscle, and replenish sexual vitality has set it apart among its competitors.

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