Effects Of Massage
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Effects Of Massage

Generally after a massage we always feel good.  Why? – Our muscles are relaxed and tension is relieved. Massage dilates blood vessels, helps improve circulation and relieves congestion throughout the body. As a cleanser to the body it stimulates the lymph system and helps eliminate toxins and harmful wastes. Massage can reduce pain in some areas and ease inflammation and swelling in joints.

When our muscles are massaged the blood supply circulating into the area increases helping to absorb waste products. Muscles are kept toned, relaxed and stretched; this is beneficial for correcting postural faults. A regular massage stimulates the blood circulation to the bones, which feeds and nourishes the bone. Massage increases the mobility of the joints and can help prevent stiffness.

The skin also benefits from massage; improved circulation to the skin makes the skin texture soft and supple and reduces the risk of infection. The top layer of dead skin cells are sloughed off, which enables the skin to breathe more easily thus improving the skin condition and imparting an overall healthy glow.

Massage helps to overcome fatigue as it increases blood supply and nutrition to those sore, aching muscles. When massaged the muscles are being manipulated and these movements relax and improve your health and well being. Massage can be a more a natural remedy because of its healing effects for some injuries, in stress and anxiety reduction and in soothing and calming.

There are over 100 different massage techniques and, depending on the type of massage, massage can be either stimulating or calming. Massage boosts our energy, reduces our recovery time from injury, supports healing and reduces pain. It can be purely for relaxation and is soothing for the body, mind and soul. People who are highly stressed or suffer with depression will ease these feelings through effective massage. It is beneficial for sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome and uneven sleeping patterns. It helps reduce constipation because of its detoxifying properties and aids our digestive system enabling us to digest food more easily.

You can be any age to have a massage, even newborns can benefit. Massage tends to helps them cry less, be more active, more alert and sociable. Premature babies will gain weight more quickly and children will sleep better. Women who are pregnant should be careful to only have a light-pressured massage and be sure to consult a therapist who specializes in pregnancy massage. People with heart failure, kidney failure, infection of superficial veins, blood clots, bleeding disorders, any contagious skin conditions or have cancer should avoid massage unless your doctor sanctions the treatment.

Effects Of Massage
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