Egg and Grapefruit Diet
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Egg and Grapefruit Diet

If you want to lose weight the healthier and safer way, meet the egg and grapefruit diet. This is a weight loss method that uses egg and grapefruit to help you lose some pounds. Here are some weight loss tips and advice corresponding to this diet:

It has different variations. However, the most famous one lasts for 3 days. This is also called the 3-day egg and grapefruit diet. This works because it is believed that egg plus grapefruit are fat burners which make you thinner. Their action is to produce heat; therefore, burning the excess fats from your body.

It started as a 12-day program, but frankly, I don’t think anyone can last as long as that time frame. And so, it was reduced to only three days, but even though it was cut to such a very short percentage of the original time frame, it will still effectively work.

As this method calls for very great self discipline to be able to work, you should put it on check first before deciding to try this as it may only be put to waste. Three days of mostly egg and grapefruit can be really depressing. But if you think of the possible gains from your sacrifices, it might just be worth it all.

An egg and grapefruit diet menu doesn’t necessarily mean eating ONLY eggs and grapefruit for the whole 3 days, but it only requires you to prioritize those two ingredients and with additional selected things that you can eat.

Egg and Grapefruit DietThese can be wheat bread, coffee/tea, vegetables for your salads, apples, a small amount of meat, cheese. For a specific kind of egg and grapefruit diet, these are what you can eat for the next three days. Of course, you only need a small amount of the meat and cheese, you’ll need the protein but not the calories and fats when you take in too much of them.

It is best to use tea instead of coffee as its thermogenic effects can increase the effectiveness of your method.

Also, it is very important to reduce or totally remove artificially sweetened products from your diet. Also, salt should be avoided.

While on this method of weight loss, you will need to keep hydrated. At least 8-10 glasses of water should be maintained per day.

After 3 days, you can lose up to 3 pounds. Again 3 pounds in just three days!

If you want extreme weight loss, you can do the original egg and grapefruit diet which is for 12 days. Just be careful to keep your body nourished with the foods that are on your diet list at regular times. If you ignore this, you might experience some harmful effects to your health. The 12-day program can be really draining and starving.

Another variation that you can use is to do it by increments. You can start with the 3-day program. For the next month, maybe, you can escalate it to 5 days. In the next, 7 days, and so on until you reach 12 days. But, however desperate you may be, it is never advisable to go beyond 12 days as you’ll only cause damage to your health.

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Egg and Grapefruit Diet
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