Essential Antioxidants

Essential Antioxidants

VitaminsI didn’t know anything about antioxidant’s (except that they were good for me) UNTIL,…my son became ill with an (unresolvable) health condition.

Then my wife attended AMA classes for doctors, nurses, etc. (AMA CE) and learned the need for antioxidants, the various strengths of antioxidants, and the marketing tricks being done with antioxidants – most of which the public is totally unaware of.

The Power Of Antioxidants In Nature

Here’s some of what she learned as we found complete recovery for our son’s health challenge,…via the power of antioxidants in nature (instead of using symptom suppressing toxic drugs that often have significant negative side effects).

The marketing label you see in the health food store regarding antioxidant (ORAC=Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) can be mis-leading.

Over 90 products from the shelves were randomly analyzed and here’s what they found regarding antioxidant levels:

  • Three “antioxidant” containing products actually had a pro-oxidizing effect — that means they acted the opposite of how they were advertised.
  • 1800 units of lab tested ORAC value was the average of the other 87 products.
  • There was no industry test for checking “fat soluble” antioxidant capacity (only the water soluble capacity was being addressed) – so such a test was developed and has become industry standard now.
  • The highest product tested had an ORAC (water soluble) capacity of just over 5,000 units of protection per gram.

On item 1 above, here’s how some marketers mislead with their ORAC labels. They state the bottles entire ORAC level of protection, versus comparing units of antioxidant protection per gram or per equal serving. Then, you must divide this amount by the total number of servings per container, to get actual ORAC per serving.

On a recent health food store visit the top product they could show me boasted 2,000 units, with 10 servings per container = 200 ORAC. That’s really close to nothing compared to 17,000 units of protection. Buyer Beware.

Essential Antioxidants
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