Essential Nutrition comes in Natural Supplements
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Essential Nutrition comes in Natural Supplements

We’ve been warned.  The nutrition level of the food we eat every day is notably lower than just a few decades ago.  Most of the blame has gone to many who produce and process food on a commercial level.  Aside from organic growers who’s methods return nutrients back into the soil naturally, commercial food production methods use chemicals to promote plant growth at the expense of fertile soil.

Other techniques to increase the bottom line include ”tampering” with seeds, resulting in hybrid seeds that produce a product better suited to traveling fifteen-hundred miles than nourishing us, especially when it can be harvested before ripening, then treated with gases to look so good for shoppers.

Food processing adds another step in nutrition reduction, where shelf life is the name of the game.  Added fats and sugars aren’t the only culprits here.

Natural Food Supplements

So, you say, ”What does that have to do with supplements?”  More than I can cover here today,but basically natural food supplements are a great way to replace what is lost in the food we eat.  Food supplements are a huge business too.  Natural supplements today are by far superior to what was available even a few decades ago, and the choices demand that we do our homework.  You absolutely don’t want to waste your money on an herb that is actually fifty-percent (or more) just cheap filler.  One that comes to mind is parsley.  Now parsley’s not bad….it’s actually nutritious.  But when I want parsley, I will buy just the parsley.  You will not regret being a savvy shopper when you research and purchase your natural nutritional supplements.

There is much to learn about how natural herbs and spices, in fact, all botanicals positively affect our health.  This is also an area where much of the learning is shared information.

Essential Nutrition comes in Natural Supplements
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