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Exercise After Pregnancy

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With their teeny fingers, miniature toes, and adorable faces, babies can make anyone smile! However, babies demand loads of time and lots of attention.  Being a new mother, this duty rests primarily on you.  So how can a new parent find time to exercise after pregnancy with a toddler or newborn in the house?

Fortunately, there are a number of methods for getting in shape, even with kids around.  In an ideal world, your spouse could save you by watching the little one as you work out, but everybody does not have that option.

Here are some useful strategies that can help you find ways to exercise after pregnancy while taking care of your baby.

Team Up With Your Baby!

Bringing your little one along for a scenic stroller ride is a fantastic way to not only get exercise, but also to get some private time with your child.  You might even want to join up with some other parents and make it into a group activity!

Use your baby in creative ways by finding exercises that allow you to involve them as a part of the routine.  In this way, they can assist you with your strength training and your little one will like the attention they’re receiving. If you have bigger children, make it enjoyable for them by getting them involved too. Take them with you while walking or jogging, or give them a job, like keeping track of your reps. Children enjoy copying their parents, so try giving them a tiny dumbbell or perhaps a jump rope to play with.

Make Some New Friends

You’re not the only one trying to exercise after pregnancy.  Other parents who have recently had children can be a very useful resource.  Via the internet, it is possible to meet other parents who can identify with your circumstances.  You’ll be able to encourage each other, discuss ideas, and work through difficulties together.  Many parents utilize online social networking sites to locate other people in their area who wish to get fit as well.  You may find a friend who can accompany you on stroller walks or join you at a nearby playground.

Getting together with new friends has a lot more benefits besides losing weight.  A lot of new moms have found friends to get together with for a fun and relaxing Girls Night Out.  You may even meet somebody who would look after your little one while you go to the gym.  Just make certain that you’re prepared to do the same for them.

Do As The Kids Do

Observe any toddler for a little while, and you’ll see that they are constantly moving.  If you want to include some serious calorie-burning into your day, try and do what they’re doing. It’s a terrific way to enjoy some fun bonding time with your little ones as well as shedding oodles of calories while doing it. Try to mimic your kids for a few hours – so if they skip around the yard, you skip too. If they dance, you dance!

Bring them to a playground with swing sets, slides and other equipment and enjoy more ways to play and burn calories.  Not only is it possible to get an incredible workout, but it will wear out the little tykes as well.  Afterwords, you might even be able to get some quite time while they take a nap. Of course, you might want a nap yourself!

Make The Most Of Your Time

When you are trying to exercise after pregnancy, time feels extremely limited.  When you feel like you finally have a few moments to yourself for exercising, some sort of mini emergency pops up out of nowhere.  By planning around these little disruptions, you’ll be able to find time for getting fit.

For instance, some moms and dads wear comfy outfits for exercising each day. This type of planning allows them work out at a moments notice, such as when the baby falls asleep. Experienced parents will often multi-task by adding mini workout sessions to their routines, such as doing several wall push-ups or chair dips in between diapers and baby bottles.

Even small changes to personal routines can be very beneficial. When taking your baby to the store, park far from the entrance so that you can push the stroller farther.  When alone, try using the stairs rather than the elevator, especially if it’s just two or three floors.  Not only will you burn additional calories, but you’ll most likely get there quicker than the elevator will!

One more excellent technique for keeping up your motivation to exercise after pregnancy is to use a step counter. A step counter is a great way to establish a fun and healthy contest with a friend or spouse. All you have to do is compare your steps at the end of the day.

Most of all, don’t quit, and enjoy yourself!  Not only will you experience better health, but you will also be educating your kids on the importance of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Exercise After Pregnancy
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