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What was the Ezekiel Elliott workout that allowed the champion running back to return from suspension looked even fitter than when he left?

When Cowboy’s running back Ezekiel Elliott was suspended for 6 games last season it may have been the most publicized suspension in recent NFL history. For several reasons. First of all, his departure from the team was noticeable from a performance perspective. It almost certainly cost them a spot in the playoffs. Secondly, when he returned from his 6-week break he was bigger than when he left. A lot bigger!

The Ezekiel Elliott Workout In Exile

Ezekiel Elliott Workout - 2Subsequent footage of his workouts during those 6 weeks showed how this happened. Zeke headed to Mexico to wait out his suspension but he clearly didn’t sit around moping. One review likened the video footage to a recreation of Rocky’s workout in #3.

The powers that be had set up a temporary football mini drill camp at a local golf course for him. At that camp he did a lot of lifting and a lot of drills. Complete with someone to film it all of course! It seems these days if it’s not caught on camera and subsequently released on social media it hasn’t happened.

Unfortunately Zeke’s return to form, and to his team in December 2017, didn’t help the Cowboys make the playoffs. At that point they did still have a slim chance if they won their last 2 games. And if a couple of other teams also vying for playoff positions lost theirs. Whilst they won one more game, they lost to the Green Bay Packers on Christmas Eve. That loss ruled them out of contention.

A Whole New Season For Zeke And The Ezekiel Elliott Workout

Ezekiel Elliott Workout - 32018 is a whole new season, and a whole new (foot)ball game. With lessons learned from the past, Zeke kept a low profile during the long off-season. And kept out of trouble. He reported for pre-training camp mid-year and was seen training with some New York Giants team members.

Contrary to public perception, this happens frequently in several codes. These guys might hate each other on Sunday nights, and now Thursday nights as well. But once that final siren sounds, all is forgiven.

What’s the Ezekiel Elliott workout for 2018? Pretty much the same as it was in previous seasons. Weights, resistance work, footwork drills, bands, core strengthening exercises and so on. The difference though is that this is the first time since turning pro that Zeke hasn’t had a cloud hanging over his head. He can concentrate 100% on his football and that could make a whole world of difference to how he plays.

It would appear that Ezekiel Elliott Workout Supplements (as we prefer to refer to them as) are completely legal. There isn’t anything sinister about them at all.

Sure, Ezekiel Elliott works out like mad however it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that appears to be helping him to maintain the strength and power he needs to stay at the top of his game. Here is our account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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