Dieting for a Six Pack

Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack

Discovering the fastest way to get a six pack has recently become something close to an obsession for many women and men, whether it comes out of a need to boost their self-confidence or out of the human need to be admired and appreciated. Let us face it, who wouldn’t admire a beautiful fit body, which is nothing but a proof of health-awareness?

What’s a “Six Pack”?

The abs is the muscles connecting the pelvis with the ribs. It forms what is known as the six pack, but a six pack is only visible when it is well built, defined and not covered in layers of fat.

These muscles though, do not work by themselves, but only together with a group of other important muscles, such as the oblique (the ones around your torso) and the muscles that coordinate your spine and pelvis.

They are of crucial importance in the overall coordination of your body movements.

Is It Worth Looking for the Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack?

Well, the good news is that it is, and finding the answer is not exactly difficult. It only takes three things to get there:

  1. Commitment to your goal
  2. Exercise
  3. Strict diet


We all know that the mind and body should work together. So, in order to put your body to work efficiently, you must have the right psychological approach.

Exercising and dieting may seem the easiest and fastest way to get a six pack, but many people are often impatient and lose motivation when they do not see miracles happen overnight.

What you need to understand is that nobody and nothing will turn your stomach into a six pack overnight. You must be prepared to make an effort, be well organized and patient.

Self-discipline is known to be one of the most important ways to get what you want. Everything you believe in will create positive energy in your mind and body, and that energy will help you motivate yourself and become more committed to you goal.

Exercise, a Crucial Part of the Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack

The world of bodybuilding is full of myths that have been implemented in our minds mostly for commercial purposes, to convince us to buy a certain product thought to be the fastest way to get a six pack.

Dieting for a Six PackOne of these myths is the abs machine, known as one of the most effective devices to get a six pack. Well, it is not, because this machine will work the same muscles every day. Those muscles will get used to the effort soon and they will stop growing and leaving you disappointed that the results are not visible.

This is why, most of the times, the abs machines that have cost their owners a fortune, end up nothing but a decoration or a piece of luggage hiding in the closet. An effective exercise set, that can actually be associated with the fastest way to get a six pack stomach, takes planning and variation.

Strategy is the key to success. You must have heard this often, but have you really understood that the principle applies in everyday life under all its aspects? We live hectic lives, we live around deadlines and tasks, and so, planning becomes crucial in everything.

Planning an exercise program for your abs is not a difficult thing to do. What you should always have in mind is that you must allow your body to rest between the workout sessions and between training days.

Yes, it is true! The fastest way to get a six pack does not involve daily exercise! Your body muscles do not grow during training, but after. This is why you need to take breaks: to allow your body to grow the muscles you have trained. You did your share, now let it do its own!

Although jogging and cycling are good ways to lose weight, they are not enough for the six packs you so desperately want, so make sure your exercise plan is based on variation. General workout combined with cardio exercises and weight lifting is the recipe for a knockout stomach!

A few ideas for exercising:

  1. Traditional Crunch and Sit-Up
  2. Reverse Crunch
  3. Ball Crunch
  4. Push-ups
  5. Bicycle
  6. Pilates

Your instructor can help you create the most efficient plan for you, taking into consideration your body figure: if you are skinny and are not interested in losing fat, your exercise plan for the fastest way to get a six pack will be very different from the one targeted for overweight people.

Dieting for a Six Pack

Did you know that the fastest way to get a six pack takes a six meal diet? No, that does not mean that you can eat more, but it does mean that you have to eat more organized.

It is much more important to have six smaller meals per day than the usual of three, because your body feels full of energy all the time and can help you burn fat faster.

While you should stay away from alcohol, you can enjoy some sweet carbohydrates and saturated fats:

  • plenty of water, to boost your metabolism
  • eggs
  • meat
  • fish
  • vegetables
  • nuts

They all contain a high level of proteins and you certainly need them in order to build more muscle mass.

And remember! It’s very important for you to have one of the meals within maximum one hour from your workout, because it’s after the workout that your body rebuilds the muscles you have just broken down!

As you can seem getting a six pack only takes three easy steps. Once you know exactly what you want and you are 100% committed to your goal, exercising and dieting should be a piece of cake – so to speak, because cakes are not exactly what you should eat when you are going for the fastest way to get a six pack!

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Jenna Tailor is a serious health fanatic who loves nothing more than sharing her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle with anyone who’ll read her articles! She was brought up in a family where healthy meals were the exception rather than the rule. As a result, she’s had close encounters with obesity, and its associated health problems. Enough to set her on a journey in the opposite direction, and inspire a desire to take others on that better health journey with her.