Fat Burning Workouts - Aerobic Threshold

Fat Burning Workouts – Aerobic Threshold

This is a low intensity cardio workout that can be modified to suit a beginner, intermediate and an advanced trainee.

The aim is to keep you in your ‘fat burn zone’ and to have you burning a higher percentage of fat calories whilst increasing your aerobic fitness.

If you have had no exercise or cardio training experience in the past then I would also recommend taking a comfortable pace test before you begin.

This cardio workout is based around keeping you at your aerobic threshold i.e your comfortable pace for at least 20 minutes. In most reasonably fit people aerobic threshold occurs at around 70% of their maximum heart rate

Your maximum heart rate = approximately 220 – your age. (example – I’m 24 so I would subtract 24 from 220 leaving me with a max heart rate of 196).

Obviously a lower figure may apply if you are just starting out with your training and aren’t used to being active. You’ll probably hit your aerobic threshold at around 55%-60% of your max HR.

Some things to consider with this aerobic threshold workout

You can use any form of cardio for this workout. I had gym machines in mind when writing the figures in the table. Machines such as the treadmill, bike and cross trainer. However you can use any form of cardio you desire to perform this workout I.E. Skipping, boxing, step ups. However, you will need a heart rate monitor if you’re using these methods.

Note : If you are using running or any form of cardio that may impact your joints, then I’d recommend investing in some Asics running shoes. In fact even if you are not doing high impact cardio for your aerobic threshold workout, these will fit perfectly around your feet and give you maximum comfort.

Make sure you always warm up and cool down thoroughly

You’ll notice a broad range of figures in the workout table. These are to be chosen to suit your specific fitness needs.

This workout can be used by a beginner all the way through to an advanced trainee so it is important to determine what your comfortable pace is.

This is one of many types of fat burning workouts. The rule of progressive overload applies here too. You are looking to increase your intensity with each workout to make sure that your body doesn’t adapt and that you see consistent results. These are the intensity variables you can adjust :


  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Resistance/level/incline


0 minWarm up3.5kph-7kph (walk or jog)0
1Warm up” “055-70%
2Warm up” “055-70%
3Warm up” “055-70%
4 minsWarm up” “055-70%
5Comfortable Pace (CP)4kph-13kph (depends on fitness)0-5% or *5-1560-70%
6CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
7CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
8CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
9CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
10CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
11CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
12CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
13CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
14CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
15CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
16CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
17CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
18CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
19CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
20CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
21CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
22CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
23CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
24CP4kph-13kph0-5% or *5-1560-70%
25-30 minsCool Down3.5kph-7kph060-70%

*If you’re using a bike or a cross trainer


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