Fat Loss and keeping it off - What you need to know
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Fat Loss and keeping it off: What you need to know

It is clear that carrying too much extra fat will hurt you. Fat cells are not simple sacks of nothing much. In fact they are tiny factories for making chemical trouble in your body-inflammation being the #1 cause of the trouble. Normal inflammation is an essential part of healing and health- but too much inflammation is the beginning of major illnesses.

The damage to your blood vessel walls that results in hardening of your arteries, and leads to high blood pressure and heart attacks, starts as inflammation. Chronic pain like arthritis in your knees or your low back, bursitis of your shoulders or hip joint, gut ulcers and sinusitis are just some of the ways that inflammation causes disease and discomfort. The more extra fat you have, the more inflammation you create in your body every day.

Losing extra weight helps you feel good and look good; you can be strong and flexible and your moods are more likely to be upbeat. Looking and feeling good adds to your sense of self confidence and your ability to enjoy life. When you are not extra fat, you are not living with chronic pain, heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers.

Changing to a life long healthy diet is a life long effort. Fortunately, it can be a fascinating and fun lifelong effort, because nothing tastes as good as an agile, exercised and lean body feels. The satisfaction we often seek from food is not found in eating so that we have more fat and less muscle than we need. Getting to your most fit and comfortable self requires information, a commitment to loving self discipline and ongoing support to maintain new behaviors.

There is an essential process we must understand in order to stay lean once we have lost extra fat. When you lose fat, your metabolism always slows down. A lower metabolism will mean you regain fat eating fewer calories than before your weight loss! This accounts for the dread statistic so familiar to chronic dieters- that 90% of people who lose weight regain what they lost and more. This is the real life experience of most people and it is terribly discouraging as well as further damaging to your health. We finally understand the chemical processes that cause this regain, and we are beginning to collect research about how that 10% of people who do NOT regain, manage their success.

Long term weight loss success

Long term weight loss success will include a metabolic readjustment period that realistically lasts a number of months You also need the educational and psychological support that works to be sure you change your habits of thought and feelings around food, eating and exercise behaviors.

I’ll be back with the details of how you can get what you need to lose extra fat, build muscle, recover your metabolic rate and maintain your weight loss life long.

Fat Loss and keeping it off: What you need to know
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