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Excellent Food Apps For Your Phone Or Tablet

Remember the good old days when if we needed to learn how to cook, we would turn to mom or the nice lady next door or something? These days, even mom and the nice lady next door probably turn to their iPad. They’ve figured out how to make their iPad stand upright on a dish rack, so that it can guide them on what to do next with something special they are whipping up. Food apps are very big now.

Why, even if you narrow the app field down, weeding out everything but the best apps, you would still probably end up with three or four. Well, here we are with three of them. All of these food apps are available for the iPhone, for Android and also for Windows phones.

Let’s start with Epicurious, one of the top food apps out there. The great thing about this appis that they scour all the best cooking magazines on the bookshelves, they cull the best recipes from there, and they put them on their database. You get high-res pictures, of course. That’s a given. But in addition, the app helps you find all the ingredients needed, and it even gives you good idea what those ingredients cost.

This is a really smart feature. This is an app that really understands how people think. It gives you every recipe on earth that you would want, no matter what the cost. But it also helps you keep things within budget. This is exactly what you need to be a practical culinary expert.

So much for expert recipes. How about recipes that regular people make up? For that, you need the app that’s called BigOven – a collection of a quarter million recipes from amateur cooks. Even if a quarter million is a huge number, most people find that they’re attracted to this app for a different reason. They like it for the way it gives them ideas for what to do with their leftovers.

All you have to do is put in the names of a few things that you have in your fridge that you have no use for, and the app comes up with a recipe that can use all of that. It’s a spectacular thing.

All Recipes is an app that does something very similar. You get thousands of amateur home cook recipes that are great. But even more useful, is the fact that each recipe comes with a user rating. Exactly what you need to find out where to head for the action.

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