Free Radicals on the Rampage

Free Radicals on the Rampage

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We all know that pollution, radiation, ultra-violet lights, computer screens, drugs both medical and street, chemicals in food alcohol, antibiotics and hormones in meat, and numerous other toxins are dramatically affecting our health.

I call the health problems that they cause “debilitating” in that they affect our physiological and mental functioning and performance on a daily basis.

We don’t go to bed as a result but we walk around sick, suffering from arthritis, allergies, ME, MS, lupus, brain fatigue, mood swings, etc.

The big question is how do these toxins cause these conditions? By internal oxidation and by promoting the development of free radicals inside our bodies.

Oxidation is the process whereby fats and oils become rancid (akin to the rusting of metal). This doesn’t happen suddenly but cumulatively as our lifestyle speeds up.

Our cells start to behave abnormally, getting released into the blood stream, causing a gradual degeneration of quality of life to begin – tiredness usually being the initial symptom

Often something is diagnosed at this stage and medical drugs are prescribed: these often exacerbate the condition.

Free radicals are teams of “fire-cracker”-like organisms which get released randomly into our internal universe once cell behaviour gets out of hand. They are so reactive, causing chaos like street gangs, that each one burns up in one millionth of a second.

They can actually be seen under an electron microscope and they come in all shapes, sizes and guises.

It is at this stage, when the free radicals start their rampage, that we start to age biologically, physiologically and mentally.

Skin starts sagging as the supporting elastin and collagen collapse like pillars crumbling under a ceiling: unfamiliar pains begin to pop up here and there; mood swings and forgetfulness begin to increase.

If that’s the bad news then the good news is that nature anticipated all this and, as has almost always been the case in history, provided us with protection care systems.

These come in the form of vitamins and minerals, friendly bacteria, and an ever growing team of anti-oxidants. It’s only recently that scientists have acknowledged these chaps.

They are needed in much larger doses than government Recommended Daily Allowances and in far greater quantities than processed and that intensively farmed foods can provide.

Organic foods are needed and/or supplementation to protect us from toxins, and eliminate and reverse the conditions which result from them.

Here are some ideas to help limit the punishment free radicals can cause:

  • Bring your elimination system up to scratch – overcome constipation and diarrhoea.
  • Aid digestion by eating enzyme-rich foods or supplements
  • Ensure that urine is acidic in the morning – this kills pathogenic bugs. By drinking cider vinegar and honey on retiring each night.
  • Understand which anti-oxidants destroy free radicals:
  • Beta-carotene and vitamin A, found in such foods as mangos, papaya, green vegetables yellow vegetables, tomato, watermelons, and red fruits.
  • Vitamin C (a major free-radical scavenger) and vitamin E, which teams up with vitamin C for cell membrane integrity and fighting heart disease, both found in vegetables and fresh fruit juices.
  • Pycnogenol, a powerful herbal antioxidant.
  • Selenium, found in free range eggs, rice, oysters, lima beans, and green vegetables.
  • Taurine, an amino acid for liver disorders, found in poultry, fish, nuts, beans, tofu, and mushrooms.
  • GLA and flaxseed oil, which boost the immune system, and L Acidophilus, which helps make folic acid and other B vitamins.
  • Zinc, which teams up with selenium and promotes vitamin E activity.
Free Radicals on the Rampage
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