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Pregnancy Weight Loss

Get A Flat Belly After Pregnancy

Understandably, many women place a large amount of focus on getting a flat belly after pregnancy. Almost every day we are bombarded by commercials and ads promising to deliver “tight stomach” or “toned tummies”. Often, however, they leave out the important fact that stomach fat isn’t just unappealing, but it’s also harmful to your health.

Many reports have shown the connection between abdominal fat and several health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, and high cholesterol. You can easily find out if you are at a higher risk for any of these health problems simply by measuring your waistline. A woman’s waistline should measure less than thirty-five inches.

Use the following strategies to help you stay healthy by flattening your belly after pregnancy:

Get Moving & Eat Healthy

It isn’t necessary that you go to a gym in order to get a good workout. You can burn fat by doing things that you enjoy and find rewarding. One great example is swimming because it’s easy on your joints and burns loads of calories. You may consider gardening which also burns several hundred calories an hour. You could even take your new baby on a long walk down a bike trail or through the park.

By increasing your hear rate with a cardio workout, you can really rev up your metabolism. All you need to do is find activities you enjoy, be persistent, and watch the fat melt away. Try various activities to keep yourself from getting bored and also to maximize the amount of calories you will burn.

Tightening your abs will require more than just the fat-burning power of cardio routines. You’ll also need to incorporate ab-focusing exercises. A study was done by the American Council on Exercise which revealed some of the best exercises for targeting abdominal muscles. The top moves were vertical leg crunches, bicycle crunches, and captain’s chair leg lifts. Other excellent core strengtheners included the twisting crunch and the exercise ball crunch. Abdominal muscles recover rapidly, so you can quickly trim your belly after pregnancy by performing these exercises several times a week. You can find complete instructions on how to do each of these exercises online.

Toning your belly after pregnancy can also be made easier by eating the right foods. First of all, avoid simple carbohydrates like sugars since they add to fat that gets stored around your waistline. Instead aim for foods that are high in protein and fiber. Try to focus on lean protein foods along with complex carbs that come from whole grains. Be sure to get plenty of green vegetables and high-fiber fruits, and use unsaturated fats. And last, but not least, get plenty of water in your diet by drinking at least 8 cups each day.

Loosen Up To Slim Down

Did you know that loosening up can help you to slim down? You can actually get a slimmer stomach by utilizing the techniques used in yoga. This is accomplished in two ways: Number one, yoga contributes to lower stress levels which can lead to weight gain. Weight gain that is caused by stress usually leads to a surplus of fat build-up around the belly. Therefore, lower stress levels can play a part in reducing tummy fat as well as lowering your chances of developing dangerous health conditions.

Secondly, yoga is great for toning your belly after pregnancy by working your ab muscles. Many of the poses that yoga incorporates focus on strengthening your core and developing solid stomach muscles. With the many different yoga poses that exist you can create your own personal routine, or you can find a yoga workout program that has already been designed and proven. One incredibly powerful yoga program is the Brilliant Yoga system which contains hundreds of tips, ideas, and techniques.

By now you’ve realized that it will take some effort and perhaps some lifestyle changes to get a trim tummy, but the benefits are absolutely worth it. Eating the right foods and maintaining a proper workout routine can get you back into your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans in no time!

Get A Flat Belly After Pregnancy
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