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Get Ready to Bust Through Your Plateau

Have you ever been in a funk, where no matter how hard you try you can’t get past a certain weight in a lift?  Believe it or not this happens to everyone from time to time.  In order to break past a plateau there are many things you can try, either alone or together.

1. Pre Workout Supplements

A good pre workout supplement will not only energize you before working out, but it will also help you focus.  When you get stuck at a weight for a while it can start to mess with your head and distract you while you try to lift.  Supplements can help clear your head and help you put everything you have into the lift.

2. Meditation and Visualization

Meditation is a great tool to become more mindful and focused, which as mentioned above can be very important during a plateau.  Visualization is a fairly natural extension of meditation, where you see yourself lifting the heavier weight.

3. Mix it Up

If you’ve been doing the same routine for a while change it up for a few weeks.  The body adapts over time and this adaption is partly responsible for many plateaus.  Come back to the lift in a few weeks and you might be surprised at the progress you have made.

4. Rest

Your muscles grow when you rest, not while you lift.  Lifting is extremely taxing on your whole body, including your tissues and also your nervous system.  You can take some time off completely, do some cross-training, or just do a de-load week if you suspect that your body has been pushed to its limit.

Get Ready to Bust Through Your Plateau
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