Green Lipped Mussel as a Health Supplement

Green Lipped Mussel as a Health Supplement

Green Lipped Mussel – The Key To Erasing Joint Pain analyzes the best health supplements and reviews them thoroughly.

Green lipped mussel may seem like a funny sounding name for a supplement, but it provides a very powerful method of addressing a number of health issues, especially those that can cause the worst pain. Green lipped mussel specifically addresses aching and arthritic joints that can bring a great amount of pain to your legs, hands, knees, and especially our back and neck. Prescription drugs tend to bring with them a host of side effects, which is where the supplement comes into the picture. The supplement was discovered when researchers found that a tribe of warriors called the Maori in New Zealand stayed limber well into their old age by consuming a shellfish known as the green lipped mussel, which got its name from the greenish tinge on its outer shell. The shellfish was originally studied in the hopes that it could cure cancer. Unfortunately, it couldn’t, but scientists soon discovered that it can reduce joint stiffness to a major degree.  Fortunately for the consumer, one doesn’t have to eat a diet loaded with shellfish, as the its nutritional value has been encapsulated in the form of a supplement. This supplement is available on in the 500 mg dosage.

According to, the supplement is comprised of glycosaminoglycans, which is vital for healthy connective tissue, and plays an important role in repairing damaged cartilage while simultaneously improve tissue elasticity. For this reason, it has been nicknamed “the glue of life,” by health professionals. The supplement also contains ETA, which is short for eicosatetraenoic acid.  This is a basically a form of Omega-3 fatty acids that works its anti-inflammatory wonders on welling and pain. Also found in ETA is lyprinol, which also reduces inflammation. Finally, the supplement contains anti-oxidants that reduce free radicals in the joint fluid of people who suffer from arthritis, according to the site.

Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel

According to,  the proper supplement dosage depends on the user’s age and health, and there is no consensus on a recommended dosage. The site says that green lipped mussel can help arthritis by reducing the stiffness in muscles. Studies have also shown that it can reduce the symptoms of asthma by decreasing daytime wheezing and improving breathing.

Another advantage of taking a natural product like green lipped mussel is that it doesn’t carry some of the dangerous side effects that regular prescription drugs that treat these conditions tend to do. A good example of this is the prescription drug VIOXX, a drug that was eventually linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Downfalls of Green Lipped Mussel

Although the supplement is safe for most people and avoids the side effects commonly caused by prescription medications, such as blood thinning, upset stomach and liver problems, people who are allergic to shell food should avoid it. Side effects from the supplement can include diarrhea, gas and nausea. Very rarely, it can cause liver problems, according to Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid the supplement because researchers are unsure of whether it could cause fetal problems. Some research shows that it could slow development of the fetus and delay birth.

Green Lipped Mussel as a Health Supplement
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