Green Tea and Cautious Eating Help You Get Slimmer and Healthy
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Green Tea and Cautious Eating Help You Get Slimmer and Healthy

If you are not strong-willed and you are too lazy to be on a diet or to exercise in the gym, pay attention – American dietitians have invented a healthy option to lose weight. You just have to follow a certain diet for half a year and you will lose five pounds without being loaded in any way.

First, you have to remove whole milk and replace it with skimmed milk. If you like to drink tea or coffee with milk, change it with the skimmed one. In the mornings, you must have breakfast and in the breakfast menu you must include at least one boiled egg.

Green Tea and Cautious Eating Help You Get Slimmer and HealthySuch a breakfast helps the body to remain full of energy for a long time and reduces the risk of overeating at lunch and dinner.

Lunch and dinner start with soup – this way your stomach will be full and will take less than a main dish and dessert.

Always eat slowly and chew your food longer. This will help you to satiate quickly. If you eat slowly, the daily calorie intake is reduced by about 125 calories.

Everyday drink four to five cups of unsweetened green tea. Only this will help you lose three pounds in ten months without doing anything (if you do not overeat).

At lunch and dinner eat fruits for dessert. Once a day you can have your favorite dessert, but just once a day in order not to accumulate excess calories.

Prefer meat that is steamed or grilled instead of fried bits. This does not mean that you must give up frying – if the meat does not include huge drops and it is fried in fresh oil, you can have it three times a week.

Eat five times a day – except breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat little before lunch and dinner. It is possible to eat a bit even after dinner, but it should be something light – dried fruits, nuts or fat-free yoghurt.

Allow yourself alcoholic drinks but in limited quantities. Remember that people do not gain weight so much from alcohol (although it is caloric) as the various appetizers that are consumed with it.

Doctors recommend drinking green tea for a long time standing in front of TV or computer. Tea lowers the temperature, improves digestion, and relieves pain in sore throat. It helps to reduce weight by increasing fat burning. Stimulant in tea is caffeine, which activates the nervous system and the exchange rate increasing concentration and sensitivity. Green tea restores overall immune system.

Green tea has a treatment performance

It purifies the blood and blood vessels. It is recommended for smokers because it helps to throw faster harmful substances accumulated after prolonged smoking.

There are manufacturers that offer green tea with different flavors – mint, vanilla, lemon and many other varieties. Find your favorite type of green tea and start drinking it regularly. You will see how well you would feel after the first cup. And it will not be your last!

Green Tea and Cautious Eating Help You Get Slimmer and Healthy
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