Green Tea History and Benefits

Green Tea History and Benefits

Green Tea History

Green tea has a history that dates back thousands of years. Although this particular type of tea is only now gaining popularity in the West, it has been known to the Chinese and Japanese for centuries.

The recent rise in popularity of this tea is largely credited to the many health studies that have revealed some rather big benefits that can go along with consuming this drink on a regular basis.

The Discovery

One legend states, green tea history began around 2730 BC when the Emperor Shen Nung accidentally had leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant fall into his boiling water. His discovery is said to have caught on rather quickly.

Green Tea History and Benefits

Other evidence of the tea’s early popularity in the orient abounds. For example, there is a written record from the year 350 AD that explains how to brew this drink properly.

Green tea history records also show that Buddhists were known to chew on the leaves of the tea plant while meditating as early as 520 AD. Lu Yu’s “The Book of Tea,” written in 780 AD chronicles the benefits of green tea in regard to health – revelations which are only now being discovered in the west.

Whatever the actual date of the tea’s first discovery and use, there is little debate that this drink originated in China centuries ago and remains a popular beverage there and elsewhere.

Green Tea History: How is Green tea made?

To understand why this particular form of tea was and is so popular in China and Japan it helps to understand a bit about how it is made. Green tea and black tea both are derived from the exact same plant leaves. They both come from the Camellia sinensis.

Green tea is almost wholly served in its natural form. The leaves of the sinensis plant are heated or steamed and then dried for the green variety. Since the processing is very little in regard to green tea, the natural chlorophyll and other nutrients found in the leaves remain behind. This helps give green tea its unique color and flavo.

The reason why the green tea variety was likely so popular early on lies in the fact it is simply easier to create. The lack of processing makes this a product that is much simpler to get from tree to table.

The Rise Of Green Tea In The West: The Green Tea Benefits

The Green variety of tea has found itself being served in western settings for many years. It has, however, only recently come into mainstream.

Green Tea HistoryIn the past few decades, the green tea variety has taken hold of the North American and European markets by storm. The rise of popularity of this variety in the West is largely credited to the many health studies that have concluded this form of tea can have major positive healthful and nutritional benefits.

Thanks to the light processing it receives, green tea is known to contain a high amount of antioxidants in its brewed form. These antioxidants have proven beneficial for warding off cancer, heart disease and other ailments.

Recent studies out of the United Kingdom also show that the green variety of tea can help increase insulin sensitivity and even assist in calorie burning and fat oxidation.

Green Tea and Metabolism

Over the last several years, green tea has become incredibly popular. Now while it is not nearly as popular as say American’s favorite drink coffee, there really is no disputing the healthful and nutritional benefits of this well enjoyed Asian drink.

Green tea is highly recommended to help ease the symptoms of chronic diseases. Very recently, however, it has become more and more popular as a method to increase metabolism, which will assist in losing weight.

In the many studies that have been preformed concerning green tea and metabolism it has been shown to increase metabolic rates while also improving fat oxidation.

Chemicals in green tea have been shown to cause thermogenic properties to occur and have been able to make fat oxidation more efficient.

In many studies that have been preformed consuming green tea can assist in increasing the rate of metabolism while also increasing the rate of fat oxidation.

If you are an obese individual it is very likely that they will not see as good as results as someone who is just mildly overweight. However while consuming green tea is very unlikely to be the miracle cure for overweight people it can still be a very helpful drink choice.

Consuming the tea in liquid or capsule form can help assist in decreasing the chances of a person developing some ailments such as cancer, strokes and heart disease.

Green Tea History concerning Weight Loss

Green tea is one of the leading lose weight techniques through the consumption of green tea, a naturally occurring ingredient that has been revered for centuries mainly in Asian cultures. To learn more read this article about Green Tea and Weight Loss.

What are you waiting for?

If you are looking for a healthful change in your life that will help assist in improving the rate of metabolism in your body then the mixture of green tea and metabolism is just the combination that could meet your needs.

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