Hangover Aides


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Whether you were dancing on the table or nursing a hangover under it there are some well-researched aids to improving your drinking habits.

Today there are recognized stages of imbibing, which stretch you between being relaxed and speaking in a slurred fashion:

  • STAGE 1: one glass beer, one large sherry, one double spirit, two glasses wine, relaxes you.
  • STAGE 2: Increase stage one by 50% and you’ll feel even more carefree and outreaching with slipped inhibitions.
  • STAGE 3: Repeat stage one again and you re NOT capable of driving but you feel that you are.
  • STAGE 4: Double everything you’ve drunk so far and you’ll lose control over speech delivery, vision clarity and co-ordination.

Alcohol tolerance levels (the rate at which your liver processes and burns up alcohol) will vary enormously between sexes and age levels. Your nutritional quality will play an enormous part. Cumulatively the body’s nutritional lake can become very low or even dry up from time to time. Eating plenty of raw foods – veggies, fruits, nuts and grains will help avoid this drought.

Otherwise it is best to be aware of what to replace with regular supplements if you don’t want the vital working parts of your body to become sluggish or start wearing out. Too often today the temptation to eat easy fast-foods becomes the norm and that’s when nutritional damage accumulates.

The brain is a big loser under these conditions. Brain fatigue and mood swings can become part of so called normal living so that one hardly recognizes the difference, to say nothing of headaches and loss of libido.

Help is at hand and here are the major players:

  • VITAMIN B COMPLEX: In order to metabolize alcohol the body snatches all the remaining reserves of Vitamin B Complex it can find. Since these of vitamins are water soluble their reserves at any one time, with or without alcohol consumption, are not great.
    If you are feeding on processed foods quite often and taking in a fair amount of refined sugars they will be lowered. This is when depression and fatigue can creep in.
    In choosing a B Complex supplement to work best in these times choose one that includes Niacin as the B3 source. Niacin hastens detoxification.
    If you have a celebration coming up take 25-50mg of B Complex before, during and just after the party. Otherwise 2 x 25mg a day is sufficient.
  • VITAMIN C: (also water soluble) If one drinks two to three glasses of beer a day or half bottle of wine or two or three doubles of spirits ensure 1,000mg of Vitamin C gets in dailv. If you’re a smoker add another 1,000mg.
  • MAGNESIUM: This unassuming mineral can do a major disappearing act from your body and land you with a number of aches and pains and fatigue – 50mg daily helps the balance.
  • ZINC: After a night out. 50mg of Zinc.
  • CHROMIUM: A really big little one to take note of. Alcohol increases fruit sugar levels and has different reactions in different people. It is almost certain that its effects will cause a roller-coaster of highs and lows over the next 24 hours. These are the times that cravings for a “hair of the dog” or chocolate hit home and cumulatively they are not good for the mind or the inner insulin factory. Men and women can suffer calcium loss from the bones during these swings and the body’s management of osteoporosis can be thrown out of balance-200mg of Chromium added back can help.
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