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In the 8th grade Harrison Smith set himself a goal – to play high school football well, and set out with the help of trainer Charles Petrone to formulate a winning Harrison Smith workout. Petrone says that even back then the young Harrison Smith showed him he had what it would take to become one of the best players in the League. Large hands, long arms, and fast twitch muscle.

Harrison Smith Workout - 2In addition to being good at football, Harrison was also good at basketball and track. He was naturally gifted, an attribute that has stood him in good stead since. He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings at 29 in the 2012 draft. They signed him to a 4 year deal, and extended it another 5 years in 2016. The Vikings’ faith in their star free safety is justified. In 2018, after a sterling career in 2017 Pro Football Focus named Harrison the League’s best player.

When it comes to working out, Harrison likes to stay ‘bouncy’. When Harrison heads back to Knoxville in Tennessee each off-season, he and Petrone get stuck into the off-season Harrison Smith workout. It involves a lot of plyometric exercises. These are exercises that include a lot of jumping, or ‘bouncy’ stuff. Things like skipping, lunges, bounding, hopping, clap push-ups, and jump squats are all typical plyometric exercises.

Plyometrics For Bounce In Harrison Smith Workout

Harrison Smith Workout - 3Plyometric exercises have a number of benefits. Notably, they’re an excellent way to improve muscle speed, and they build up latent muscle power. They’re explosive energy users, and they exercise myofibrils in the muscles. This improves latent, or underlying, body power. Which means that by the time pre-season training starts up Harrison is literally bouncing and ready to go!

Why does Harrison feel that being bouncy is important? As he explains, players need to be able to get on and off the ground quickly to be more effective at their game. Explosively quickly with fast reaction times and quick movements. The plyometric exercises he incorporates into his off-season training regime allow him to develop those skills.

Harrison Smith Workout Designed To Keep On Improving

During team training Harrison is noted for his willingness to take on board suggestions made by team coach Mike Zimmer. He also takes the time to understand where he’s weak and then puts in the hard yards to improve in those areas. The result is an all-round player who continues to improve each season. And at 29 years of age, that’s not something too many players at his level can boast.

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To be continued …

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