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Do you still struggle to burn fat? Follow these easy steps and you will reach a very easy, fast, healthy, natural weight loss. Start your journey now!

Thermogenesis – What Is It?

Do you know about thermogenesis? When we burn fat through metabolism it is termed thermogenesis because it implies raising the body’s temperature and thus consuming calories from our fat or muscle. The reason why hibernating animals don’t freeze in the winter is thermogenesis.

You can consume drugs such as ephedrine, caffeine and ephedra to achieve your goal, but these can cause health problems, leading to medical complications and even death. It should seem like common sense that anything done by nature is advisable over forcing things on our body artificially.

Natural, Healthy Weight Loss

There are numerous ways to reach natural, healthy weight loss. The goal is to burn more calories than you consume in in a natural, healthy manner and there are numerous ways that you can achieve this goal.

Eating foods that encourage natural thermogenesis is good and reduces fat retention. You must do this in a natural, healthy way by planning your menus ahead of time.  Consider using a menu generator because it is a easy and quick way to accomplish this.

Here are a few foods to consider.

These are salsa, hot peppers, cayenne pepper, ice water, chili sauce or mustard, thermogenic cocktails (like tomato juice sprinkled with cayenne and tabasco), celery, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.  You can also think about using lemon or vinegar, grapefruit and berries.

You can also increase thermogenesis by using the appropriate workouts. Currently the best methods are resistance training followed by aerobics while keeping your heart rate at about 220 bpm – your age and interval training. Some online diet programs include these methods in their plans.

Healthy and Natural Weight Loss
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