Healthy Eating Shopping Trip
Nutrition Tips for Women

Healthy Eating Shopping Trip

Healthy Eating Guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services will guide us on our shopping trip. To make things easy we will shop only for ourselves and only for one week. Since we’re not on a diet we think we should go all out with a 2000 calorie diet.

I’ll get the fruit (no added sugar or fats) (one medium fruit equals a cup) (14 cups)

4- oranges

4- bananas

32 ounces- fruit juice (unsweetened)

1 large- bunch of grapes

You get the dark green vegetables(3 cups)

1 cup- broccoli

1 cup- romaine lettuce

1 cup- spinach

You might as well get the orange vegetables too(2 cups)

1 cup- carrots

1 cup- sweet potatoes (no butter or salt please)

I’ll get the legumes (3 cups)

1 cup- pinto beans

1 cup- lentils

1 cup- tofu

This healthy eating diet shopping isn’t much fun

I’ll grab the starchy vegetables while We’re here (3 cups)

1 cup- white potatoes

1 cup- corn

1 cup- green peas

You get the other vegetables (6.5 cups)

2 medium tomatoes = 2 cups

16 ounces- tomato juice

1 cup- green beans

1 cup- lettuce

‘ cup- onions

We will both get the whole grains (21 servings, ounces)

1 cup- brown rice

1 cup- oatmeal (no sugar) (if you add milk remember to deduct it from milk group)

5 pieces- whole wheat bread

That was fun; let’s get the other grains together too (21 servings, ounces)

1 cup- white rice

1 cup- enriched pasta (be careful to deduct anything you put on the pasta)

5 ounces- enriched grain cereal

We remember when grocery shopping was fun. Oh well, we must get our healthy eating dietary needs.

Lean meat or beans, I’ll get these (38.5 ounces)

12 ounce- lean steak (We’re splurging)

8 ounce- chicken breasts (2 servings)

2 medium- eggs

6 ounces- fish

2 ounces- nuts

6.5 ounces- hamburger (hey, we deserve it; we ate nuts last night for dinner)

Your turn, we need milk (21 cups of skim milk)

1 gallon- skim milk

1 quart- skim milk

You might as well get the oil too (5.5 ounces)

6 ounce- vegetable oil spread (no trans fats)

Now the fun part

1456 calories a week for anything you want.

OH NO! That’s only 208 per day. A 12 ounce soft drink or a 12 ounce beer is 140 calories. We guess I’ll drink the skim milk. After all this is a healthy eating diet.


Oooops, we almost forgot, we need to check our cholesterol first. Please click on the cholesterol link to determine your health risks now. A new home Cholesterol Test is available from Puritan’s Pride. This test should not replace tests from your health care provider but it can help you track your cholesterol on a regular basis.

What do you think?

If you can adhere to this healthy eating diet you will not need much in the way of nutritional supplements. For everyone else we need a little help with our nutrition. As you can see the Dietary Guidelines are hard to create a weekly menu with. The pyramid looks good though. Have you tried to create a 7 day menu, with 3 meals a day, from our shopping trip? We tried but failed. There is a little play with the Dietary Guidelines but not much.


Healthy Eating Shopping Trip
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