A Healthy Heart Diet: Get Fit and Healthy the Mediterranean Way
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A Healthy Heart Diet: Get Fit and Healthy the Mediterranean Way

Nowadays, one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among individuals are cardiovascular and heart diseases. Many people are at risk of getting a heart attack because of certain factors like eating unhealthy food rich in fats and sodium and living a sedentary lifestyle. Combining lack of proper nutrition and unable to have a regular physical activity will likely strain the heart.

However, there are many diet plans that emerged today that encourage eating a healthy meal and incorporating exercise on regular basis. One of these diet plans doesn’t focus solely on losing weight and getting fit. It also focuses on the important role of the regimen in protecting our heart from potential problems and minimizing the risks of heart attack. Traditionally, this diet comes from the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea – putting emphasis on eating fiber-rich foods and healthy fats sources.

The Mediterranean diet is a nutritious and balanced diet followed by people living in southern Europe, particularly the countries along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. This type of diet has a unique feature that cannot be found on other popular diet plans across the globe. Compared to other diets, the Mediterranean diet’s major mass of energy comes from monosaturated fat. Olive oil is an example of a monosaturated fat rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E. It can be substituted to butter, margarine and other animal fats.

Also, this diet focuses on eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, bread and pasta that are made of whole grain, and other cereals. This list of food must present on every meal. Also, this diet also allows eating fish and other sea products often, at least twice in a week; eating cheese, yogurt, eggs and other poultry products in moderation for at least once in a week; and eating meats and sweets less often. It also encourages drinking red wine in moderation.

Mediterranean diet does not only guarantee you a drop on your weight, but it will also give you lots of health benefits. Studies have proven that the traditional Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of acquiring heart disease and improves the overall cardiovascular function of the body.

This diet also reduces the incidences of cancer and some neurologic diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The other health benefits include lowering the risks of developing degenerative diseases like hypertension and diabetes, maintaining cholesterol levels in minimum, giving smaller chances of becoming obese, and providing a longer lifespan.

If you want to have a healthy heart and live a healthy life, espouse yourself in eating fresh fruits and vegetables, along with more white meats from fishes and less red meat.  Switch to low-fat dairy products and substitute using butter or margarine with using olive oil.  Remember to incorporate regular exercise and provide yourself an adequate rest. Mediterranean diet can be the perfect eating plan for your fitness and wellness management.

A Healthy Heart Diet: Get Fit and Healthy the Mediterranean Way
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