Heart Disease
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Heart Disease

The human heart does a lot of work. Whether we are awake or asleep, our hearts beat and pump blood through our bodies. By the time we reach the age of 45, our heart has beat an average of 168 billion times. All of those beats pump about 5,600,000,000 barrels of blood through our body. Between these beats, the heart rests and paces itself. With all that work, it can get tired and suffer from heart disease. Heart disease can set in early than you might think. Plaque can begin to accumulate in the arteries by the age of 45 to 50.

Both men and women are susceptible to suffering from high blood pressure. The effects of high blood pressure and other abnormalities, however, are invisible, and often those who suffer do not even know or suspect the onset of heart disease.

Heart disease often can develop behind the scenes. While changes such as plaque buildup occur, the heart tries hard to adjust. One way it adjusts is by working harder, enlarging, and changing its pace. Even though the heart is very adaptable, it can, and will, succumb to heart disease.

One common type of heart disease is Coronary Artery Disease. Coronary Artery Disease is caused when plaque builds up in the coronary arteries. This build up causes the arteries to become stiff and narrow. This reduces crucial blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is another debilitating type of heart disease. High blood pressure occurs when the pressure in the arteries is above normal range. High blood pressure can lead to heart failure, stroke or heart attack.

Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) are also common forms of heart disease. These happen when a blood vessel that supplies Oxygen to the brain gets clogged. The part of the brain that is nourished by the blood from that vessel cannot work properly. The part of the body the brain controls is then affected as well.

Heart Disease is very often a silent killer, to cut down the risk of heart disease, make sure to take care of yourself, eat properly and exercise.

Heart Disease
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