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Help With Acne Products

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Acne and Skin Care

To get clear skin that is free from acne is not accomplished by scrubbing your face every day. You are only damaging your skin and making the acne worse. I wish that it was as simple to cure acne as just scrub a dub dubbing your face. If that were the case, we would all have wonderfully smooth and clear skin.

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Picking and pinching the zits and blemishes is not the answer either. Again, you are making a bad situation worse. It is hard for most people to keep their hands away from those pesky and annoying pimples and blackheads.

If you use your fingers to pick at these acne problems you are going to create more unsightly blemishes and you can even develop some really severe skin infections. Take a deep breath and remove those wayward fingers from your face and let’s look at some other ways to deal with the acne that is trying to become your BFF.

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One of the best ways to deal with acne is to take a more holistic and healthy approach. Start with a healthy diet. Stay away from the greasy fried foods and the fast foods. Add more veggies and fresh fruits to your diet.

Also take a vitamin every day and make sure that it has antioxidant properties. You can ask your pharmacist to recommend one. In fact, there are some supplements now that are made to encourage healthy, clear skin and they are loaded with natural anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants fight the bacteria and help your skin cells get rejuvenated.

Drink plenty of fresh water to help your body flush out impurities and waste products. Take a few minutes each day for some stress relief. You can try meditation, yoga, exercise or just try a little quiet time to find your inner balance.

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Use mild glycerin soaps that are hypoallergenic and non- perfumed to wash your face. These will be dermatologist approved and will not clog your pores. Avoid make-up and even after shaves and colognes on any acne areas so you do not unwittingly aggravate the situation.

Make an anti-acne rinse for your face. You can combine 1 tablespoon rosemary leaves, 1 tablespoon lemon thyme leaves and 1 teaspoon of celery seed in a piece of cheesecloth . Bring 2 cups of water to a boil and drop this little pouch into the water.

Allow it to steep for 1 hour. Remove the herbs. Pour the liquid into a jar with a screw top and use this to rinse your face at least 4-5 times a day. Notice the improvement after 1 week. Your skin will be clearer and healthier and this is a very safe and easy treatment.

Help With Acne Products
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