Herbal Dietary Supplement – A Fast Solution For Weight Loss?
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Herbal Dietary Supplement – A Fast Solution For Weight Loss?

Herbal Dietary Supplement – A Fast Solution For Weight Loss?

Millions of people today are overweight and are desperate for a fast and easy weight loss solution. Many turn to herbal dietary supplements. Many, many herbal dietary supplements are available at your local health food market or drug store. That something is classified as an herbal dietary supplement means only that the ingredients are all natural: that they come from herbs and roots.

Many medical professionals question the effectiveness of herbal dietary supplements. They claim the labels are misleading and that companies who create the herbal dietary supplement are preying on the vulnerabilities of the overweight.

Just because a product is made of natural substances such as herbs and roots does not mean that people can’t have an allergic reaction. People should use just as much caution when taking herbal dietary supplements as when using over the counter drugs from the pharmacy.

Always consult a medical professional before taking any type of herbal dietary supplement. Some of the ingredients in herbal dietary supplements sold on the market today may counteract certain prescription medications. This could cause serious, even fatal, results. Having a complete physical is also recommended before taking herbal dietary supplements to rule out any unknown or underlying medical conditions.

There are other things to consider when making the decision to use herbal dietary supplements. The FDA, the federal agency that regulates all food and medication in the United States, has had it hands tied when it comes to herbal dietary supplements. In 1994, Congress passed a law that prohibits the FDA from conducting any conclusive testing on herbal dietary supplements. It has little or no control over any product that is labeled as a dietary supplement. The law basically gave manufacturers of herbal dietary supplements a “Free Pass” when it comes to their products. They can label them anyway they choose as long as the label says it is a dietary supplement. They do not have to prove to the FDA that their product is either an effective or even a safe herbal dietary supplement.

Because the government is not doing the job for you, it is critical that you research any herbal dietary supplement that you may be considering. Find out what the ingredients are and what they do and how they react to any medication you may be taking. Don’t think that the manufacturers have your best interests at heart.

When you stop to think about it, the FDA regulates everything that we ingest. They test products for up to ten years. They test for side effects and efficiency. How could Congress pass a law to exempt herbal dietary supplements? Herbal dietary supplements fall into the categories of both food and drug. Shouldn’t they be tested as one or the other?

Herbal Dietary Supplement – A Fast Solution For Weight Loss?
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