Herbal Dietary Supplements
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Herbal Dietary Supplements

Herbal dietary supplements are prepared from plants and often use the leaves, stem, roots, bark, buds, flowers and fruit of the plant. Many plant parts can be used in their natural form or they can be air-dried and ground into a powder that can then be pressed into tablets, powders or encapsulated. Many herbs have several active compounds that interact with one another to produce a therapeutic effect.

An herbal dietary supplement may contain all the active compounds found in a plant or just one or two of the compounds that have been extracted.With some herbs it’s best to use the whole herb with their active compounds to obtain all its benefits.

Millions of people throughout the world, including many healthcare professionals and scientists, have come to believe that herbs such as echinacea, rosemary, garlic, and aloe vera along with vitamins and minerals, are beneficial to good health.

Why We Take Herbal Dietary Supplements

For us, dietary supplements are an important part of our daily lifestyle.

Herbal supplements for us are like nutritional ‘insurance’. Why do people take up health, house or car insurance? Just to be sure and to cover themselves from any problems.

As a child I was taught that you would get everything you needed from the food that you eat. I was taught that you could get all the calcium you needed from dairy products and if you didn’t eat red meat you would be deficient in iron. Well for one thing, I don’t like eating meat for a number of reasons, as I much prefer seafood. Also, my intake of dairy has decreased over the years as I now consume a lot more soy products. So, I get my iron and calcium from plant based foods and herbal supplements.

The easiest way we have found to include herbs in our diet other than culinary herbs and herbal teas, is by using herbal supplements.

By taking an herbal dietary supplement, you are getting a concentrated dose of phytochemicals from a particular herb or a combination of herbs.

Unless you’re an expert on herbs you are never exactly certain to how many of the various active ingredients you’re getting. This is why it’s important to buy herbal supplements from a reputable company that have been formulated by nutritional experts, scientists and herbalists.

Herbal supplements are efficient, easy to take and reasonably priced. They’re the best solution for anyone (like us) who isn’t totally knowledgeable about herbs.

Another reason why we use herbs in supplement form is because some herbs don’t taste that good so for us taking herbal supplements is easier.

What to Look for When Buying Herbal Supplements

Acquiring some basic information on herbal supplements can be a good idea especially if you have never used supplements before.

Herbal Dietary Supplements
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