Hit The Gym With Hyper GH 14X

Hit the Gym with Hyper GH 14x

As you know, it is important for all us men to exercise regardless of age. It will be suffice as long as you exercise 30 minutes per session at least, not more than four five times a week.

Usually, most men prefer weight lifting rather than aerobics and it’s totally cool. As long as you are including a cardio work out, you can get most of the benefits from resistance training.

In this article I will talk about three of the core resistance exercises that are most useful to men, for health, longevity and these will lower the chances of you experiencing an unexpected death related to a health issue before you have succeeded your goals and your desires in this life.

Working Out The Core Muscles

I know, I know. Nothing is sexier for a girl when you have thick, long and strong looking biceps. But, if you want to get the full benefits of weight lifting, then your core has to have the priority. By your core, I mean your torso, from below your neck to your upper legs. We will worry about your arms another day.

To make it short, no core, no gains. Pretty simple as that.

What gives balance to your body is your core muscles.

If done correctly, exercises that work your core not only provide an amazing relief from stress, they strengthen and thicken your bones, develop an immerse physical strength and promote good balance, which helps reducing the chances of having bone problems when you get old.

When you consider that unexpected sudden injuries are the third major cause of death among men in the United States, core exercises should be the starting point of any resistance training exercise regimen. Do these exercises properly and you will be set for good.


Deadlifts are extremely popular among the body building community and the reason for that is, they have the distinction of working your every major muscle group.

If you are willing to do only one exercise all week, then just do deadlifts. It’s that beneficial.

Having said that, the most important thing is doing deadlifts properly. This is a stressful exercise and if you do it wrong, it can really mess up your spine. Do not ever arch your back with deadlifts. Just position your back inwards, and your posterior out.

To execute a deadlift exercise, carefully place your palms on the bar, one hand with an over hand grip, the other under handed. Pay attention to the positioning of your feet. They have to be straight, approximately shoulder width or they can be slightly wider apart from each other. Push down hard with your legs as you lift up the bar. Back in, butt out, lift slowly then place it back down. That’s one.


Another example for a perfect full body exercise is the squats exercise.

Squats actually help thicken your spine and work those core muscle groups that develop physical strength and your overall balance. In the most beneficial exercises list, it comes number two.

When the caveat with squats is done with the traditional method of a bar placed on the shoulders, you are actually putting weight on your spine. That’s not always good, so form matters.

We’ll get to alternative squat exercises in a bit, but for guys who practice it the right way by not pushing heavy weights irresponsibley, squats are an excellent exercise.

If you’re one of these guys then craefully place the bar behind your neck and rest it on your shoulders. As with dead lifts, you should position your back in and your posterior outwards to balance out the pressure on your spine. Now start lowering your body slowly until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Then push the bar hard with your knees as you go back up.

Squats are an excellent exercise, but the important fact to pay attention is not to strain the spine. As an alternative, you could consider similar squat motion reps with a set of dumb bells. Or you could try sumo squats.

Bench Press

Bench pressing is the core of resistance training. When you brag people that you work out regularly, the first question they will ask is, “How much can you bench?”

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was weight lifting as a profession, he could bench close to 400 pounds, which is crazy by any standards. As of 2011, the current record for an assisted bench press is over 1000 pounds.

To execute the bench press, lay flat on your back and put your feet on the floor. Place your hands on the bar just outside shoulder width apart. Lift the bar off the frame slowly and gently lower the weight to just above your belly button. Don’t bounce it off your stomach. Just push the bar hard and then raise it back to the starting position.

With bench press exercise, use a spotter for heavier weights. Stay the course with bench. When bench press is done as a routine exercise, it will help you gain upper body strength and a great set of pecs.

Supplement with HyperGH 14x

Some guys prefer to go with the steroids option and there’s no need to argue that those needles will have your biceps bulging bigger than a king-sized set of watermelons. But steroids also have a very high risk of causing acne, shrunken testicles, permanent impotence, stroke and heart attack. What’s the point of looking good as a man, when you have a shrunken set of testicles or you just can’t get it up?

Most of the time, steroids are the choice of youngsters but it’s not uncommon seeing senior men using synthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as a supplement. HGH is also not a better option especially when you consider the costs and risks involved for using it.

But growth hormone has a measurable influence on muscle growth, and exercise can stimulate exercise-induced growth hormone response, or EIGR, for less fat, defining the muscle tone and provide better results from similar efforts in the gym.

So, what does this mean? Use a natural growth hormone supplement, like HyperGH 14x. HyperGH 14x, stimulates the growth hormone response naturally, as opposed to synthetic growth hormone.

It is extremely beneficial for people who want to see natural and healthy progress a lot faster and it provides anti aging benefits, health and goal oriented satisfaction.

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