How Should I Approach Losing Weight?
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How Should I Approach Losing Weight?

Exercising is a lot like auto insurance but for your body, in that it can be an insurance policy against the ill effects of old age. It costs energy (e.g., money) to exercise but it reduces risks involved in our culture’s sedentary lifestyle.

However, there are some other things you should do in conjunction with exercising if you do try to lose those extra points! I will share a few of them with you:

Go on a diet

Everybody’s body needs a certain amount of calories, or energy, per day. Whatever food or energy they eat over this amount gets stored as fat for the most part, though some people’s bodies store a higher percentage as fat than other people’s bodies.

As a result, overeating can cause you to gain weight even if you are overeating healthy foods. You should not starve yourself but it is good to not eat food when you are not really hungry, for example, ice cream splurges when you are sad or lonely are good to avoid.

Make sure it’s a smart diet

A smart diet is a diet that is well aimed at reducing your intake of certain foods. This is because certain foods convert to fat more readily than others (and these foods are generally unhealthier for you in other ways, such as by causing diabetes). Simple sugars are one of the foods that you really should eliminate as a regular part of your diet, though occasionally sweet snacks are fine. This is because simple sugars do not fully get stored in the body.

If your body needs 600 calories of food right now and you eat 600 calories of sugar, your body will not get 600 calories of energy. It will convert some of the sugar calories to energy and store the rest as fat. After that, your body will get hungry again and you are likely to take in more than 600 usable calories plus the sugar calories that have already been stored as fat.

Set realistic expectations

Some people will simply never look like a supermodel and never have six pack abs. However, you should not let this affect your self esteem, and instead take pride in your ability to try to lose weight. When you look at yourself in the mirror, smile and tell yourself that you are pretty and be happy with the way you look.

Your drive to lose weight should be out of not being satisfied yet, not out of low self esteem. Even if your self esteem is low, avoid negative inner dialog with your body image. Some people are naturally “overweight” even if they are at their body’s natural weight, and others are naturally skinny and will never have the musculature of athletic people they seen in the magazines.

Women especially are prone to low self esteem so if you have low body image and self esteem then you need to make sure to constantly remind yourself that you are beautiful, even if you are working hard to lose weight but you have not lost that much. Also, if you exercise and eliminate sugar from your diet, you will still be healthier even if you do not lose very much weight.

How Should I Approach Losing Weight?
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