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How To Be Fit And In Shape At The Office

When you wake up in the morning, chances are you have already thought about the day, planning on what you’ll wear or mentally preparing for the meetings or presentations you’ll give. If you’re really thinking ahead, you’ve even figured out when you’ll get your workout in. But what happens if you’ve run out of time and the day doesn’t go the way you had planned? Fitting in exercise should be the easiest part of your day.Try walking to work if that is convenient, or park your car at the office a little far away from the front door. If you are out shopping at the mall, forego the escalator and use the stairs. Burning calories at lunchtime during work hours or during visits to shopping malls are possibilities that many people simply do not take advantage of.

Do you sit in front of a computer all day? Try taking a break right in your office space. Instead of the cafeteria, try a mediation lunch. Work on relaxation and breathing techniques. Lay on the floor and stretch. You are probably all tight from the time at your desk. A good stretch will invigorate you. Bring in a light healthy lunch meal to work so you won’t miss out in nurturing your body. You’ll be a more productive worker for it.

Run up a few flights of stairs then walk back down to where you started. Repeat this 2 – 3 times. Try doing as many calf raises as you can off the end of a stair. For upper body, try doing as many pushups as you can or carry a simple exercise tool like an exercise band or tube and use them for bicep curls, rows, and lat pull downs. It really doesn’t take a lot of time, space or expensive equipment to add a little exercise into your day.

Exchange that uncomfortable desk chair with a stability ball. An exercise ball allows you to work on your core strength. The more air that fills the ball, the more unstable it becomes. Find the proper inflation, engage those core muscles and watch your co-workers wanting to share it. Tell them to get their own. Some fitness balls even have feet for more stability.

Reaching your goals is easier than you think. Never underestimate the mind’s willingness to achieve something if the desire is there. Think how better you’ll feel at work once you begin making exercise a priority instead of an afterthought. Visualize yourself being more active. Watch how your mental outlook will change for the better. Being healthy allows you to tackle life’s bumps in the road better too.

If you want to get into shape you will get into shape. Be realistic about your goals. Starting off with a breakfast filled with high fat and sugar will not cut it. Use the visualization techniques that pro athletes use. See yourself fit and healthy. Except lifestyle change. Do more calisthenics. Success won’t happen overnight. Tell yourself this – be realistic.

Healthy workers are productive workers and a little bit of exercise will give you a mental and physical boost for the rest of your day. You may not be getting the biggest and best workout you’ve ever had, but you will stay on track and more importantly you won’t back peddle. Being at work doesn’t have to spell disaster for your diet and exercise routine. It can be the model for making the rest of your week a fit and healthy week.

About Julie Moore

Growing up, Julie Moore was one of those kids that turn parents into a private chauffeur service. She danced, she played sport, and she was a keen equestrian. Not surprisingly, it led her to choose a related career in health and fitness as a dance instructor. However, life happens, as it does and after her second child arrived, Julie decided to hang up her dancing shoes and focus on another interest, which is writing about health and fitness. It lets her spend time with her family and also indulge that passion for horses she’s never quite managed to lose.