How to Build Muscle Fast – 9 Tips for Success
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How to Build Muscle Fast – 9 Tips for Success

If you use a Smith machine for building your chest, it may feel really pumped, but to add true bulk, use dumbbells instead. With dumbbells, you’ll be working ancillary muscles simultaneously, which in turn adds to compound mass. The added range of motion will increase the number of muscles used, thereby improving results overall.

2.     Look for Areas to Improve

Check your physique in order to determine the muscle groups that need work. When you visit the gym, focus on working those particular areas first.

3.     Find Your Better Mass Building Exercises

We are not all made the same, so when it comes to how to build muscle fast, learn which exercises work best for you. Again, work with dumbbells as well as other free weights, because these are better for adding bulk.

4.     Avoid Injury

The risk of injury increases when using a combination of heavy weights and intensity. Oftentimes, a bodybuilding career has ended due to slipped discs, torn pecs, or strained erectors. That said, be careful to warm up properly prior to any workout, and stretch your muscles afterwards.

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5.     Optimum Sets

How to build muscle fast also comes down to set ranges. You’ll hear a variety of advice with respect to this, but I would suggest doing 8 to 12 sets per muscle group. Each set in turn should take you to exhaustion to maximize the benefits. It’s wise not to train more than two body parts each workout because that can overwork your body and halt growth.

6.     Counting Exercises

Really, there’s no optimum to the number of exercises you perform. Mostly, bodybuilders tend to recommend four to six sets. This really depends on what you want – if you want much more mass, do fewer sets with heavier weights. And take those reps right to exhaustion each time.

7.     Optimum Reps

The concept here is to pump the muscles to the point whereby they can’t move any more – that will gain you optimal results.

8.     Go for the Max

Maximize one or two of your reps now and again to check your strength levels. But do keep in mind that each time you pound your muscles with maximum weights, there is an added danger for over-training and thus injury. As such, it’s wise policy to gradually increase the weight to the point where you’re only able to do a single rep.

9.     Eat the Meat (or high protein substitutes)

How to Build Muscle Fast – 9 Tips for Success
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