How to Create Your Exercise Workout Program
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How to Create Your Exercise Workout Program

… & How to avoid dropping out of an exercise routine

Whilst we all know that exercise is healthy, most of us put off a workout program. The most common reason for this is lack of time.

This need not be the case.

It is easy to fit an exercise program into any schedule at any time. Why? Because these exercises can be done in almost any environment.

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Why is lack of time such an issue?

“Between 40% – 50% of people who enroll in a supervised exercise program drop out in the first 6-12 months”. Nearly half of those people gave “lack of time” as their reason. And since most people don’t enroll in a supervised exercise program, you can expect that statistic to be much worse.

Wanting a workout program isn’t enough when lack of time is such an issue. So let’s solve this issue NOW, before it gets worse!

Let’s talk about your priorities.

How do “priorities” and lack of time link?

When I say “priorities” I mean, when you treat a situation as highly important, whether you want it to be – or not! An example of this is working 9-5. It’s important, but you probably don’t want to do it.

How to Create Your Exercise Workout ProgramIt can be very easy for us to get swamped by our “priorities”, especially when things get tough.

You may have goals that you want to reach and feel that your “priorities” will help you reach those goals.

But people who say that they don’t have time, are really saying that they haven’t achieved their goals yet.

As persistent humans, anything that isn’t a priority doesn’t get done, UNTIL IT GETS WORSE.

Then, the thing that wasn’t a priority before IS NOW A PRIORITY. And because you haven’t achieved your goals yet, you now have more priorities than you can handle. So you keep saying…

I don’t have time. Sorry I’m too busy. I’ll do that later.


A lot of this can be solved by changing the way you think.

What does this have to do with exercise?

Remember the statistic I gave you earlier? Many people stop exercising due to lack of time.

And yet this is ironic…

A Workout Program has often been proven to:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Re-energize us
  • Strengthens our heart – making it easier to have normal blood pressure
  • Improves concentration
  • Trigger positive endorphins – the chemical controlling our emotions and happiness

Ironically, having these benefits helps us to focus on our TRUE priorities, achieve our goals and GIVE US MORE TIME.

So if I want more time, I need to spend money in the gym?

NO, YOU DON’T! The majority of us do not need to go to the gym to be fit and healthy.

Exercise should be fun – but more importantly – convenient. Generally, exercising is not seen as something “convenient”. It either isn’t seen as a priority or doesn’t fit into your schedule.

How to Create Your Exercise Workout Program
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