How To Diet For Healthy Skin
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How to Diet for Healthy Skin

In order to attain healthy skin, you’ll need to have a healthy diet. People who eat around strict diets for ideal health and fitness typically have phenomenal skin, and there’s a reason for it. Your skin is by far the largest organ in your body, and the foods you choose to put into your body greatly affect your overall health and skin.

Having great skin is largely based around having lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, lean proteins, and healthy fats. You should also drink at least 60 to 70 oz. of fresh water on a daily basis. Try to buy as many organic foods as possible, to avoid putting any kind of extra toxins into your body (we already get many toxins just from breathing in the air).

Many industry professionals suggest eating the following foods to achieve perfect, healthy skin:

  • Organic vegetables, raw or lightly steamed
  • Fresh fruits that are organically grown
  • Organically-fed beef and poultry
  • Oily ocean fish (cold-water)
  • Flax seeds and oils containing flax seed
  • Oils like macadamia nut and extra virgin olive oil
  • Organic nuts (try almonds, pistachios, and walnuts)
  • Raw seeds (organic sunflower seeds are excellent for your skin)
  • Whole grains in small amounts

If you only ate these foods, your skin would be vibrant and glowing, and you’d have excellent health, as well. However, a lot of these foods are not easily accessible to people in many areas of the world. The main idea is to try and mold your eating habits around this “perfect skin diet.”

There are lots of foods that are bad for your skin and will severely reduce its health, especially if they are part of your daily eating habits. You should avoid eating these foods regularly if you’re trying to achieve beautiful, healthy skin:

  • Fried or battered foods
  • Meats that are processed and/or high in fat or sodium
  • Greasy, fatty foods
  • Foods like pasta, bread, and baked goods that are considered all  “white”
  • Junk foods, soda, and anything high in sugar
  • Alcoholic beverages (excluding the occasional glass of red wine)

Having a healthy diet is the key to being happy and having good skin.

Greasy, fatty foods like bacon and french fries block pores, and this allows harmful bacteria to grow. Green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, berries, and root vegetables supply you with Vitamin A; an important nutrient that helps fight acne. Eating healthy fats and the right amount of protein will cleanse pores, and improve your skin’s elasticity and strength. Drinking plenty of water, 6-8 glasses each day, is not only necessary for your skin health, but your overall health, too. It is important to stay hydrated to get rid of any toxins in your body. Your skin is the first thing that defends your body from pollution and disease, and having a sufficient water intake will help your skin keep the rest of your body healthy.

How to Diet for Healthy Skin
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