How to Get in a Fitness State of Mind
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How to Get in a Fitness State of Mind

How to Get in a Fitness State of MindGetting in tip-top physical shape is huge challenge. Not because we are physically incapable, but because of many psychological reasons. “I don’t have enough time,” is a common excuse as to why people stop going to the gym. Not enough time?

That’s ridiculous, of course there is enough time for a 45 minute workout. There is enough time and you just didn’t use the time in a productive way. It takes a very strong mind to carve out an hour or more from work, leisure and family time to exercise.

But it is possible if you put your mind to it. It’s very interesting… As physical as working out might seem, the motivation along with the effects are mostly psychological.

So how do you get into that motivated state of mind, ready to work out hard, lift weights and run marathons. Here are my three top tips. They really work, so keep reading.

Success breeds success

In other words, if you feel the enjoyment of success from your workouts, you will want to work out more. This success takes the form of improvement. Think about how good it feels when you get a good grade on an exam, or a promotion. It’s the same concept. When you realize that you can run twice as fast or lift twice as much weight, it acts as a huge boost for future workouts.

This might be the greatest way to get yourself pumped up. In order to realize this magical tip, you need to keep good records or your progress. It’s easy to forget where you started. If you don’t know where you started, then where you are now doesn’t mean so much. So get a journal and write down you progress in whatever form it may take.


Similarly to the last point of tip 1, not only is it important to track your progress, but also to plan out what you are going to do. This way you can understand if your workouts were successful. This makes it much easier to track progress as a complete journey. It acts as motivation in another way too.

While you’re working out, you can’t give up before you reach your goal. In other words, the fear of failure is a powerful thing. All the best athletes work out with a routine and in a schedule. That means not only should you plan out what you are going to do, but when you are going to do it. With this step completed, you are halfway a champion. Now you just need to DO IT!

“Just do it” is Nike’s slogan, and it’s a damn good one because it’s so true. Still most people have trouble just doing it. Many things get in the way of keeping a good workout routine. One good way to make just doing it easier is to workout with a buddy. That’s what I do and it really works. When someone is expecting you to workout with him, you suddenly have a duty to fulfill and it becomes more difficult to find an excuse to bail out!

With these three tips in your toolbox, you have nothing to fear. Go work out!

How to Get in a Fitness State of Mind
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