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How to Lose Baby Fat – 8 Amazing Steps

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Gaining weight during pregnancy isn’t uncommon to most mothers. Most moms gain an average of 35 pounds throughout their pregnancy, and what’s worse is, these extra pounds persist even after giving birth.

While some moms managed to keep the pounds away a few weeks after they gave birth, there are others who never got to wear their pre-pregnancy jeans again. This is why a lot of women out there want to know how to lose baby fat fast and effectively.

Now what do you do if you were among the unfortunate ones who wasn’t able to lose much weight after pregnancy? In most cases, the excess post-pregnancy weight is due to fluid retention. You may want to check your face, hands and ankles and see if they’re swollen. This is a typical scenario among women who have just given birth, and the good news is, the excess weight could possibly just go away in a matter of 2-3 weeks by urinating and perspiring a lot more often.

On other hand, if you’re dealing with how to lose baby fat that’s not associated with water retention, then you ought to prepare yourself for quite a challenge. It isn’t surprising that you’ve already tried every possible diet method out there and yet nothing seemed to work.

The first thing that you have to keep in mind when trying to lose baby fat is that no diet method with work on its own. An effective diet program is a system that works on both eating habits and exercise routine. You can’t exercise all morning and then eat anything and everything that you want all day or perhaps eat nothing and then just sleep the entire day – both of these are completely useless! Sure you may lose a few pounds fast by trying to kill yourself, but the question is, is it for good?

So here we’re going to give you 8 tips on how to lose baby fat effectively and permanently.

Tip #1 to lose baby fat – Drink lots of water

Drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day will help you urinate and perspire more often, thus, can result to faster weight loss.

Tip #2 to lose baby fat – Munch on healthy snacks

Stay away from junk foods and other processed foods for your snacks. Go for the healthier ones like fruits, nuts and raisins.

Tip #3 to lose baby fat – Non-fat foods don’t necessarily mean healthy foods

Most of the products labeled as non-fat contain ingredients that are high in calories. So be sure to read the label before buying any food items from the grocery store.

Tip #4 to lose baby fat – Go for lean meats

Avoid eating the fatty part in meats. If you have to it pork, make sure to eat only the lean meat part. Or you may also just settle for chicken or beef cuts.

Tip #5 to lose baby fat – Fast food items are a BIG NO!

Burgers and fries can be so tempting especially if you want to grab a quick meal. But please do yourself a favor and avoid eating such foods as much as possible. If you have to eat in a fast food, order their salad or other healthier alternatives.

Tip #6 to lose baby fat – Start with light to moderate exercises

Most moms aren’t encouraged to do heavy exercises until a few months or even years after giving birth. But this doesn’t mean you’ll just sit there and do nothing. You can do light exercises like walking with your baby for 10-15 minutes a day.

Tip #7 to lose baby fat – Use the stairs!

When going up to your office building, try to use the stairs for the first 2 floors before riding the elevator. This will give you a few minutes of light exercise as well.

Tip #8 to lose baby fat – Hit the gym

Most moms are advised to only go to the gym a year after giving birth, especially those who have undergone a C-section. Nevertheless, hit the gym when you can and enroll in a fitness class where you get to be supervised by a professional instructor.

How to lose baby fat is certainly not an easy thing to do. Especially if you opt to do it the natural way. But even if you decide to get a lipo surgery, you’ll still have to maintain your figure and those tips we gave you above can certainly help. While losing baby fat can require a bit of your patience and time, rest assured that you’ll get back to your pre-baby figure even before you know it.

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How to Lose Baby Fat – 8 Amazing Steps
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