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How to Lose Belly Fat

Do you know how to lose belly fat? Have you been doing thousands of crunches and thousands of sit ups; But you still can’t seem to shift that stubborn “belly fat”? Well, first of all it’s important to understand that you can not isolate an area and lose fat from only that particular part of your body.

However, the good news is that you can lose belly fat with a solid fat loss plan – The principles are easy but the execution is usually what most individuals find difficult. I’m going to share some important tips about how to lose belly fat in this article.

When you are weighing how much you have lost, remember that you should be weighing how much “body fat” you have lost. The more body fat you lose, the better, so keep on losing it and eventually you will lose the belly fat.

If, however, the weight you’re losing is coming from muscle then you’re really going to struggle to burn more fat because quite simply, the more muscle tissue you have and can maintain, the faster your metabolism will be! Meaning that you’ll find it easier to burn fat!

Looking after your diet is one all important step you need to take. Most people don’t take the simplest of steps. Balance, for example. Changing from 3 large meals a day to 6 frequent, smaller meals will fire up your metabolism! You have to learn to balance your consumption of particular foods. Too much of something, or too little of something can throw off that balance.

Refined carbohydrates and saturated fats are what you want less of and you’ll need to increase your intake of more healthy fats, unrefined carbohydrates (natural, unprocessed) and proteins. Water and fiber should also be consumed as much as possible to aid with digestion and fluid excretion.

Just focusing on diet alone will help you to lose weight – however that weight will be a mixture of fat and muscle. Planning your exercise schedule is also imperative to your success. Failing to plan means that you’re planning for failure.

So, take some measurements of your waistline, weight and figure out how much you want to lose. After that, make a plan on how you plan on achieving this goal.

Your exercise should consist of cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling, rowing etc anything to get the heart rate up) and resistance training (weight training) – Another mistake people make is only including cardio exercise in their weight loss plan.

If you are not using resistance exercises, your body will have no reason for your muscles to be there as they are not being stimulated. Therefore, your body will be happy to sacrifice your muscle, rather than your fat – This leads to the illusion on the scales that you are losing weight but your body will not look toned because your body fat percentage will not have changed!

Not to mention your metabolism will slow making it even harder to lose that last bit of belly fat. So, I think you can see how important it is to train with resistance in your quest to lose belly fat.

I’ll leave you with a very simple formula that you can use if you need to know how to lose belly fat –

Calories taken in (daily) minus Calories burned (daily) = Weight Loss/Weight Gain

If the answer you get from this sum is a minus number, you will lose weight. If the answer you get from the sum is a plus figure, you’ll gain weight.

These are just a few simple tips that will help you to lose belly fat – If you’re serious about wanting to know how to lose belly fat and taking steps to eradicate your belly fat permanently I’ve recommended some complete programs on this site that give you a blueprint on how to lose belly fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat
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