How to Lose Body Fat
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How to Lose Body Fat

I am really happy to able to present the Burn the fat, feed the muscle book written by a known champion bodybuilder . Unlike other books written by countless fitness personalities this one is based on knowledge and facts, acquired through years of dedication of one man in his quest to have the best body he could have. Indeed bodybuilders seem to have an innate knowledge about how their body works, the nutrition it needs and what to do to acquire their goal of a sexy, cut body.

So if you are reading this page, chances are you you too need to lose some weight and like others like you, you are probably overwhelmed by the thousands of websites and programs out there promising quick weight losses. Fear not, you are not on your own.

It is a known fact that the number of people in need of losing weight is slowly approaching epidemic proportions in our country and obesity is even increasing at an alarming pace in the younger population. More and more of our children are becoming obese and it is estimated that this number is set to increase in the future. The future is indeed not very bright for many of us and more worryingly, for many of our children and something must be done.

Fortunately, there is some good news and there are steps we can take right now to get ourselves back into the path of health and fitness.

Introducing Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle is undeniably a book that can change your life especially if you are overweight and in dire need of shedding pounds. It is not a quick loss fad diet, although you can lose weight quickly by following the
book but rather a life changing expose on the steps to take in order to embark on the path of losing fat and maintain ourselves when our goals has finally been achieved

As an overweight society, we have come to realize that diets don’t work. If they did, we would be thin and healthy and obesity would be a thing of the past. But if diets don’t work, then what can we do to lose weight?

Learn from Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle

The time has come to listen to the advice of a bodybuilder, for the simple reason that bodybuilders are never fat! I know this is a simplified explanation not worthy of a scientific debate but think about it! Bodybuilders by definition have discovered the secret formula of how to obtain and maintain a healthy and vibrant body, and whilst some may take their body sculpturing to the extreme, the large majority of them have managed to achieve what billions of dollars worth of fad diets have all failed to do: a healthy, thin and strong body.

How to Lose Body Fat
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