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How to Lose Breast Fat – 6 Tips

Most women suffer from the embarrassment caused by a bloated tummy. So it’s no wonder why you’re here right now, searching for ways on how to lose weight on your stomach. But before I start giving you my tips, I want you to understand first that there’s no “magic formula” to getting a flat stomach.

If you want to get a flat tummy like that of Jessica Alba’s, then you gotta work hard for it! But wait, if you have around $2,000+ to spare, you can actually go to the nearest cosmetic center and get a lipo, which will also take you about 6 weeks to fully recover and get the results that you want. That doesn’t mean you can get away with the traditional method either, because you certainly have to maintain your after lipo figure with proper diet and exercise.

I could say more, but I know you’re dying to hear what I have to say about how to lose weight on your stomach. So here are 6 tips for a flatter tummy only for you!

Tip #1: Eat Slowly

Did you know that it takes about 30 minutes for our brain to tell us that we’re already full? So if you consume your mean in less than 10 minutes, you’ll feel the need to eat more since you “think” you aren’t full yet.

Take your time when eating your meals. Try to relax and enjoy the food in front of you – savor every bit of it and you’ll be surprised with results!

Tip #2: Fiber, Fiber and Fiber!

Consume at least 25-30 grams of fiber each day. You can get this from fruits, vegetable and whole grain cereals. But be careful not to overdose on fiber as too much of it can upset your stomach.

Tip #3: Lean and Less Meat

When you can’t resist the smell of barbecue, go ahead and indulge, but make sure to eat only the lean parts of the meat. And please don’t eat meat every day! You can go for fish, eggs or vegetables instead on some other days.

Tip #4: Resist the Urge to Munch on Unhealthy Snacks

I know snacks are irresistible. But the trick in how to lose weight on your stomach is to firmly resist such kind of temptation. If you have to eat snacks, make sure it’s low on fat and sugar. Try munching on peanuts instead of a bag of chips.

Tip #5: Exercise

Of course this will always be a part of my list. Without exercise, you can starve yourself to death and still have a bloated stomach. Go for cardio and strength exercises instead of focusing on tummy exercises. It will help you lose weight on the stomach, as well as some other parts of your body.

Tip #6: Monitor Your Calorie Intake

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “count your calories”, then now is the time to do it! Most of the fats on your stomach are calories that were not properly burned. So while you’re in the process of getting rid of your bulging tummy, make sure to go easy on the calories so you have enough time to burn whatever is already inside it.

Follow my tips on how to lose weight on your stomach and you’ll be on your way to flatter, sexier tummy in no time!

How to Lose Breast Fat – 6 Tips
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