How to Lose Love Handles Fast – 4 Special Tips

How to Lose Love Handles Fast – 4 Special Tips

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Love handles aren’t so lovable! Those excess fats on the sides of your tummy make you feel less attractive and less confident.

Although you’ve been reassured by your wife or husband, together with your friends that your love handles are still “tolerable”, you still want to know how to lose love handles fast!

You know for a fact that it’s not always what people think about you – sometimes it’s what you think about yourself that counts.

Wearing your jeans with all those bulges showing on the sides is not something you can be proud of, neither can it be considered an asset. So the first you want to do is to get rid of them as fast as you can and I’ll show you how you can do that.

Tip #1: Spot Reduction Doesn’t Work

Although spot reduction could help you tone a specific area in your body, it won’t necessarily get rid of the fats in there. Most information that you see on the internet and other sources will probably tell you to do hundreds of crunches a day in order to get rid of handles, however, that’s not the way it works.

You can’t expect to have a washboard abs and a waistline of 40 inches at the same time. So save your energy and time by doing exercises that target your body as a whole. On the other hand, it would be alright to do a couple of crunches from time to time. Just make sure that you don’t rely on this kind of exercises solely.

Tip #2: Reduce Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is a big no when it comes to how to lose love handles fast. If you’ve ever heard of the term beer belly, then you’ll understand where I’m getting at. If you’re used to drinking too much beer or any alcoholic drinks, then it’s time to get rid of that addiction. Alcohol can deliberately shut down your fat burning hormones and will eventually slow down your metabolic rate.

Tip #3: Strength and Cardio Exercises

The best exercise in how to lose love handles fast is to lift some weights at the gym along with some cardio exercises. This combination will enable you to develop strength and resistance, which will help you to ultimately increase your repetitions in every workout. Remember to start with light exercises first. Don’t strain your muscles by doing more exercises than your body can take as that will only inhibit you from doing more in the long run.

Tip #4: Reduce Calorie Intake

Working out is just a part of the equation in how to lose love handles fast. The other half is made up of a healthy diet. And if there’s one thing that you need to go easy on, that would be the calories. An average person consumes up to 2000 calories or more every day, whether consciously or unconsciously. And if you were to exercise on an average rate, you can only lose up to 1000 calories per day.

So what happens to the remaining 1000? Of course, they turn into fat deposits, which will most likely target the tummy area. So along with your workout routine, make sure to reduce your calorie intake. You can search for calorie calculators online to determine how much calories you can take, considering your current height and weight.

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How to Lose Love Handles Fast – 4 Special Tips
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