How to Lose Man Breast Fat – Bid Goodbye to Man Boobs!

How to Lose Man Breast Fat – Bid Goodbye to Man Boobs!

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Man boobs – they are men’s worst nightmare! A man with big boobs just doesn’t seem right and not to mention that it’s extremely unattractive.

It’s no wonder that a lot of men spend a lot of their time working out at the gym or anywhere else just to make sure they don’t develop man boobs.

But what about those who already have them? Is there still hope?

I decided to create this post for all the men out there who’d like to know how to lose man breast fat and finally be able to live like a normal guy does!

Why Do Men Get Man Boobs?

So before we get into the details of how to lose man breast fat, let’s first try to understand why men who are supposed to develop muscles in the breast area develop boobs instead. The development of breast fat or man boobs in men could be a result of two reasons:

  1. Gynecomastia – a condition wherein the body produces more estrogen and less testosterone. The condition could arise from taking certain medications that affect the hormones in the body. Gynecomastia is also one of the side effects of testicular tumor, which also triggers the production of more estrogen. The condition could be treated with proper medical attention or surgery, depending on the gravity of the situation.
  1. Obesity – obesity is the most common reason for the appearance or development of man boobs. FYI, man boobs are actually made up of fat deposits stored over the pectoral muscles.

How to Lose Man Breast Fat in Teenage Boys

For teenage boys from 12 to 18 years old, getting bigger and sensitive man boobs are still considered normal part of their puberty stage. So for the teenage boys out there, there’s no reason to fret just yet. But if you want to make sure, you can visit a doctor and ask for a medical advice.

How to Lose Man Breast Fat in Adults – How Do You Get Rid of Them?

A lot of men think that man boobs can easily be taken care of with exercises that target the chest area, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. As you may have heard from fitness experts before, one cannot target a specific part of the body in losing weight.

It’s like having slim and well contoured legs with an overly protruding belly! So basically, if you want to get rid of those fat deposits in your chest area, you will have to lose weight all over.

In order to lose man breast fat, you should follow a cardio-strength exercise program along with a healthy and balance diet program in order to reduce the calories in your body.

Another way on how to lose man boobs is to do weight lifting. You can enroll at a local gym as they probably have some of the most up-to-date exercise equipment that you can use for your workout sessions. Once you have lost weight all over, you can start concentrating on your upper body to tone the muscles there. But don’t forget to still do your total workout every now and then to make sure that you retain your ideal weight – without the man boobs!

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How to Lose Man Breast Fat – Bid Goodbye to Man Boobs!
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