How to Overcome Fitness Laziness
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How to Overcome Fitness Laziness

Do you set your alarm for a 6am run but then hit snooze til 9? Do you plan on going to the gym after work but never seem to get there? Sounds like you’ve got a case of fitness laziness!

In this article I am going to give you some simple steps to overcome fitness laziness. For once you overcome this hurdle, the rest will seem like a walk in the park.

Admitting that you have fitness laziness?

The first thing you need to do is admit you have a problem. Once you have admitted you have a problem you can begin to solve it. If you never admit it, you will never solve it. Here are three ways to tell whether you have fitness laziness:

  • You don’t last more than a month
    One surefire way to tell if you are lazy is if you begin a weight loss program or a new fitness regime and then quit after a month. This is lazy because you have not given it enough time to work and are giving up too early.
  • You cheat all the time
    Another way to tell if you are lazy is if you cheat. This could be that you have a “cheat snack” every now and then or it could be that you blow the gym off to go to a party or watch TV. Lazy.
  • You leave the gym early
    If you ever leave the gym before completing your workout or head home after only jogging a few blocks it is a big sign that you are being lazy. Successful people never cut their workouts short – they always follow through to the end.

If you do any one of those things then it is time to admit that you have a laziness problem. Now that you have done that we can get to work solving it.

How to overcome fitness laziness

Laziness is a habit. It is not an inbuilt personality trait. Laziness has become a part of your life because you have allowed yourself to slip into that mindset. This means that with a few simple habit changes you can reverse its negative effects. You can change.

1. Take a vow in front of someone you respect
One of the most powerful ways to overcome laziness in relation to weight loss or fitness is to take a strong vow in front of someone you respect, love or admire. Vows are very powerful things and, when done with a good motivation, can shape and change your situation.

The best thing to do is gather together your husband, parents, siblings and friends and then make the announcement that you want to achieve a certain goal. It might be that you want to drop 20 pounds. Once you have made that announcement vow in front of all of them that you will achieve your goal within a certain time frame. This puts the onus on you.

2. Think about the consequences
Another way to combat laziness is to think about the consequences of your laziness. This is often the most powerful way to spur you in to some new and more motivated activity.

For example, if you keep putting off your weight loss program there is every chance that you will become overweight. Being overweight can be damaging to your health and can cause heart problems, diabetes and several other serious illnesses. Think about these things the next time you want to put something off til later.

3. Start small
One reason people fail when it comes to fitness is because they start in the deep end. Instead of getting up 20 minutes early and going for a light walk they try to get up two hours early and do a full gym session. Not going to happen. If you want to overcome your lazy habits you need to reverse them slowly.

Start by changing small things with your diet and fitness program. Instead of going for a marathon run everyday try just doing a nice light walk for half an hour. Instead of cutting out all carbs cold turkey try cutting out a few items at a time; bread, then rice, then pasta, etc. When you do things gradually you are more likely to succeed.


As I said, laziness is a habit. And you don’t get rid of bad habits, you just replace them with better ones. Start slow, take a vow and think about the consequences of your lazy behavior. If you do these three things you will achieve your weight loss and fitness goals a lot faster.

How to Overcome Fitness Laziness
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