How Weight Training Facilitates Weight Loss
Weight Loss

How Weight Training Facilitates Weight Loss

Weight training is an integral, essential part of a fat loss exercising. Weight loss is not simply about reducing your caloric intake. Starvation will reduce body size, but the inches lost will not consist only of fat – you will eliminate precious muscle volume as well, so it is definitely counter advised.

You should always have a balanced, healthy diet that contains all the nutrients necessary to be able to do physical effort, but if dieting is not accompanied by physical activity, both cardio and weight training exercises, the body will lose precious muscle tissue as well.

Weight training increases muscle volume, thus contributing to weight loss and to achieving the healthy, toned and carved body we have always dreamt about.

How It Works

A calorie deficit is absolutely necessary if you are to lose weight – if you introduce fewer calories in your organism, your body will reach out for the deposits and will burn them, thus reducing body size. However, you must also be aware that it is lean muscles that burn the calories, so the more lean muscles you have, the more calories your body will be able to burn both during and after the exercise session. Weight training is necessary to maintain muscle volume even while dieting and also to keep that unwanted fat off after you stop dieting.

A lot of people who lose inches only by dieting will find that they put on weight more easily after they stop dieting exactly because they have lost the lean muscles that burn the calories in their body. Muscles need protein to be able to function, so if you reduce your calorie intake, make sure you get rid of carbs instead of proteins.

While cardio trainings facilitate overall weight loss, weight training can be used to train specific muscle groups in a targeted manner, allowing you to devise an exercise plan that focuses on your problem areas.

How Weight Training Facilitates Weight LossHow to Do It

If you want to lose weight, you should start weight training with 3 sessions a week. One session should not be longer than 30 minutes, and you should do 2 sets of about 10-15 repetitions of each exercise, doing about 2 exercises for each muscle group, and always resting for about 30 seconds between the sets. It is also recommended to start with lighter weights and increase both the number of repetitions and the size of the weights gradually.

Weight training is efficient only if you allow your muscles to recover, so do not train the same muscle groups on consecutive days. As you get fitter, you can modify your plan to suit more specific goals: a larger number of repetitions in more sets with smaller weights lead to revealing lean muscles faster, while larger weights lifted in shorter sessions will contribute to increasing the size of your muscles.

Weight training builds muscles and facilitates weight loss fast – team your weight training routine with the proper diet rich in proteins and fibers and you will very soon notice the changes.

How Weight Training Facilitates Weight Loss
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