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Ideal Body Weight Calculator – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator

Your “ideal body weight” is the best body weight for your height and your frame. When you weigh less than your ideal body weight, you will probably find that you look overly thin and have a lack of energy. When you are very much above your ideal body weight, you will also experience a lack of energy, but you will also invite a host of other health problems, including heart disease, arthritis, and certain cancers.

To use our ideal body weight calculator, first determine your frame type by wrapping your hand around the smallest part of your opposite wrist. If the fingers don’t touch your thumb at all, you have a large frame. If your fingers touch but don’t overlap your thumb, you have a medium frame. If your fingers overlap, you have a light frame. The style of your frame will inform your ideal body weight.

How to Reach Your Ideal Body Weight

Your ideal body weight is just that – an ideal. If you are a couple of pounds over or a couple of pounds under the weight the ideal body weight calculator provides for you, this is not a reason to panic. If you check your weight in our body mass index calculator, you’ll find out if your weight is any reason for concern. As long as your body mass index is still in the “normal” range, you shouldn’t be too concerned about your weight.

However, if you are far from the weight provided by the ideal body weight calculator, this is some cause for concern. Refer to our daily calorie calculator to determine if your intake of calories is excessive and causing weight gain, or too low and causing your body to fall into starvation mode.

To start getting healthy, begin with a little bit of light exercise most days of the week. Exercise alone, however, won’t bring you to the weight provided by the ideal body weight calculator. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are a far cry from their ideal body weight, start watching what you eat. In particular, try to avoid fast food and eating out in general, and trade unhealthy snack foods for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Check our Harris Benedict Formula page to learn more about BMI and BMR … or find your BMI right away using the BMI Body Mass Index Calculator on our website.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator – BMI Body Mass Index Calculator
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