If Your Smile Is Dull? Tooth Whitening Can Help
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If Your Smile Is Dull? Tooth Whitening Can Help

Sometimes even the straightest smiles can grow old and tired looking. If you drink coffee or tea, smoke, or just subject your teeth to normal everyday wear and tear, the color of your teeth will dull and begin to look gray. When you look in the mirror day after day, you may not even notice the gradual graying or yellowing of your teeth. Others will notice though and it may be time for some brightening. No matter how great your smile is now, whitening will brighten your smile and leave you feeling like a whole new person. It is amazing the difference whiter teeth can make in your overall appearance.

In many cases, orthodontics or braces will be necessary. But if your teeth are perfect otherwise, all you may need for the perfect smile is some whitening and brightening. Those who are having their teeth straightened can still benefit from whitening. If you are feeling self conscious about your crooked smile, having bright, white teeth may make you more willing to expose your toothy grin, even if it is not yet perfect. Best of all, your mouth will look clean and bright, and everyone will notice the change. If you are ready for a new smile, whitening may be for you.

First, you should consider at-home whitening procedures. If your teeth are not terribly discolored, you may be a good candidate for at-home procedures. Sometimes, you can use these with professional whitening. This way, once a professional procedure is complete, you are able to keep your whitened teeth for as long as possible. The at-home treatments may also work well if you just need a little bit of brightening for a big night on the town. These treatments are a great way to improve your smile quickly.

If your teeth are discolored and you have never had them professionally whitened before, it may be better to have a professional whitening. This gives you a chance to discuss the possible side effects and determine how white you really want your teeth. Speaking with someone with whitening experience will prepare you for the procedure. This way, you will know what to expect. This also gives you an opportunity to discuss the risks of whitening with a professional. If you are able to understand the side effects, it can lead to more success.

If Your Smile Is Dull? Tooth Whitening Can Help
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