Immune System Overload

Immune System Overload

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I have always been convinced that our bodies are their own best healers. All we need do is stimulate the body’s healing processes and just let it get on with things.

However, this doesn’t work for everybody. Some schools of thought have declared that this is due to suspected poisoning of the body, and research into food allergies/sensitivities is underway.

I was in London recently where Dr Anders Hoy – who has a world-renowned allergy clinic in Copenhagen with above-average results in this field – delivered a paper at St Thomas Hospital on “Food Intolerance”.

Food intolerance/allergy appears to be a state of modern-day malnutrition caused by food in the intestinal tract not breaking down properly, and then erroneously entering the bloodstream. Once there, food particles are in a partially “undigested” form and engage the immune system’s “B” Lymphocytes. These chaps get called in to detoxify, and in doing so produce IgG anti-bodies whose job it is to identify the invaders.

All this effort more or less exhausts the immune system’s capacity and the toxic particles end up being deposited into our tissues, joints and muscles. Once there, degeneration, inflammation and even water retention start to manifest. Fatigue and brain function can also be affected later on.

That’s why food intolerance reactions to a meal or individual foods are invariably delayed. Because of the passing of time, wrong conclusions are often reached.

Allergy therapists now recognize that eliminating offending foods is the best you can do for your immune system. This is not for life either. Apparently the “B” Lymphocytes only have a memory period of 2-3 months, so by withdrawing a food for that length of time they forget it.

You can go back to eating it again -provided you have properly healed the condition that caused the problem in the first place.

Hoy quoted cases of chronic migraine sufferers who have eliminated offending foods, obtaining quite dramatic relief for years at a time. And patients suffering from fatigue, postprandial fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, Crohn’s disease, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, MS, asthma, urticaria, rheumatism and poor eyesight have all shown major positive reversals.

For those of you who have experienced difficulty in losing weight and who’ve tried every diet and crash course on offer, you are likely to be affected by these toxic deposits from food intolerances. They bind large amounts of water and weight never seems to come off – it also goes back on for the same reasons.

One major self-help step we can immediately take to reduce any current or “pending” food intolerances, is to attend to the cumulate effects of antibiotic accumulations in our intestines by restoring this whole area to its natural aerobic ecological state. This means repopulating programmes of Acidophilus and Bifido friendly bacteria. They are highly important in your immune system’s ability to fight oncoming winter ills.

Immune System Overload
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