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Did a special Jadeveon Clowney workout contribute to ‘The Hit’? Granted, he was still in college playing for the South Carolina Gamecocks at the time and was a full season off entering the NFL. However, he couldn’t have brought himself to the attention of the football world more spectacularly if he’d tried! He was large, strong, fast, and athletic; exactly the type of player every coach dreams of having on their team.

Clowney was slated to enter the 2014 Draft and the only question on everyone’s mind was who would be the lucky team to get him at number 1 pick. This was despite the fact that his 2013 season following ‘that’ tackle was average. There was also a tiny cloud hanging over his off-field reputation in the shape of a couple of speeding tickets. Many believed he was just treading water until draft time but Clowney disputes this. Things, he said, didn’t quite pan out as he had planned in his final year at South Carolina. Nevertheless, he still did enough to warrant being picked up by the Texans at number 1 in the draft.

Jadeveon Clowney Workout Gets Him Over The Line With Selectors

CJadeveon Clowney Workout - 1lowney learned very early in life that getting ahead in his chosen profession requires a Jadeveon Clowney workout that puts in the hard yards in the training room. Leading up to the pre-draft Combine he spent a lot of time honing his fitness to ensure he was in tip-top shape to impress selectors. He’s also prepared to make the necessary sacrifices when it comes to favorite foods. He loves fried food but has manfully swapped it for more vegetables.

Unfortunately Clowney was injured in his rookie year and spent most of the last part of the season recuperating. He returned to the field for the 2015 season and in 2016 earned his first Pro Bowl. Jadeveon was also awarded his first First Team All-Pro. Clowney made Pro Bowl again in 2017 even though knee surgery sidelined him for part of the season.

Jadeveon Clowney Workout Contributes To Aggressive Playing Style

The 5th year on Clowney’s rookie contract finished in 2019, leaving him in a position to command a paycheck of almost a cool million per game. This would put him in the same league as other highly paid defensive ends Demarcus Lawrence and Khalil Mack. Will he get it? Maybe. Maybe not. The Texans have placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on him so it’s quite possible he’ll play the 2019 season without being signed to a contract. There’s also considerable speculation that the Texans could be considering a trade.

Clowney is known for his strong aggressive playing style. There is plenty of footage of him barrelling his way through opposing defences and he’s certainly an asset to the team. One source calls him one of the Texans 3 main X Factors. However, is it enough to get him what he wants in a contract?

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