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You might be forgiven for thinking that a Jalen Ramsey workout is just as much about exercising his mouth than it is about physical exercises! In just 3 seasons as a professional player the young cornerback has not only turned himself into one of the best players in the NFL. He’s also turned himself into one of the best talkers in the League as well! To the point where it’s become a well-honed weapon against opposition defences.

Jalen Ramsey Workout For Facial Muscles

Jalen Ramsey Workout - 3It’s all part of a psychological game plan. Way back in college Jalen figured that if he could throw opposing players off their game by needling them verbally it would play in his favor. He was right, and he honed the skill to a very fine art. He’d scour the Internet looking for any piece of trivia he could dig up and then use it during games. Most of the time it worked.

It threw opposing players off balance mentally, got under their skin, and disrupted their game. However, it also got him into a lot of hot water and more than a few scraps because some of those players retaliated. Physically. And got them both sent off the field. These days he’s a bit more selective about the type of information he collects and uses. But the tactic itself hasn’t changed. He still deliberately messes with their head to throw them off their game.

Jalen Ramsey is a rather unique individual all round. He is blessed with abundant athletic talent and equally as much determination. It was determination for example that saw him take out a decathlon state title as a junior in high school. This was despite the fact that he knew virtually nothing about at least half the events in it! He wanted to do it, decided he was going to do it, and made it happen. Of course his natural athleticism helped considerably.

Jalen Ramsey Workout - 1Jalen was not just gifted on the football field in college. He was also talented enough in track and field events to have made the US Olympic team in events like the long jump. But like so many of these athletes do, he chose football. And talking…. Ask any of his teammates and they’ll tell you the guy never shuts up. Even when he’s sitting on the sidelines he’s exercising his facial muscles non-stop. A typical Jalen Ramsey workout for his jaw in other words!

Pre-season Jalen Ramsey Workout Heads To Dad’s Gym

Mind you, his jaw isn’t the only thing he exercises religiously. In typical Jalen fashion he’s decided that he is going to become the best cornerback in NFL history. Currently he’ll tell you straight out that isn’t him. It’s his teammate A.J. Bouye. Jalen however is prepared to whatever it takes to close that gap. He headed to his father’s gym in Tennessee this past pre-season rather than joining his team mates at voluntary pre-season camp. Which would have given them all a break from ‘the mouth’ at least!

We have found Jalen Ramsey Workout Supplements (as we like to refer to them) are legal. There isn’t anything sinister about them at all.

Sure, Jalen Ramsey works out like mad but it is this secret addition to his diet each day that seems to be helping him maintain the power and strength he needs to stay at the top of his game. Here is our account of our findings ….

To be continued …

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