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One wonders how much the Jimmy Graham workout routine had to change when the former star basketballer turned into one of the NFL’s best tight ends / wide receivers. Certainly Jimmy Graham appeared to be headed for a bright basketball future in his younger years. He landed a basketball scholarship to Miami after attracting attention as a star player in high school.

Whilst there he used his spare time to get a degree in marketing and management. At the end of his degree he decided to hang around for another year to do some postgraduate classes. And thought he’d try his hand at football for something different ….

Jimmy Graham Workout For Basketball Or Football?

Jimmy Graham Workout - 2Now clearly Jimmy is naturally gifted athletically because he took to football like a duck to water. One season of play was all it took to bring him to the attention of New Orleans Saints selectors. They snapped him up in the 3rd round of the 2010 draft. However, he spent his rookie year as understudy to the team’s established starting tight end. Nevertheless he showed enough in the 5 games he did play to justify the Saint’s faith in him.

During his second year in the NFL Jimmy really began showing his talent and versatility. He helped the Saints to victory as the NFC South division winners. Jimmy also made his first Pro Bowl in the same season. And that versatility we mentioned meant that although he was officially a tight end, he usually ended up starting in a wide receiver position. He played for the Saints until the end of the 2014 season. In 2015 Jimmy was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for 3 seasons. He then headed to Green Bay in 2018 under another 3 year contract.

Current Jimmy Graham Workout Is For Football But Once A Basketballer Always A Basketballer

Jimmy Graham Workout - 3Jimmy has been playing elite football since 2010 and the Jimmy Graham workout routine of necessity reflects that. However, whilst you can take the player away from basketball it seems you’ll never successfully take basketball away from the player! Early in his career Jimmy developed a celebratory habit of slam-dunking the ball through the goals after his touchdowns.

Unfortunately it annoyed NFL officials, particularly after he infamously bent the goal post during one of them. As officialdom is wont to do when they don’t like something, they banned slam-dunking effective from the start of the 2014 season. It was deemed to be unsportsmanlike. Undaunted, Jimmy went on to become the first player fined under the new rule during a preseason game in August 2014.

It seems that Jimmy Graham Workout Supplements (as we prefer to call them) are totally above board. There’s nothing sinister about them in any way.

Yes Jimmy Graham works out like mad however it is this secret addition to his diet each day that appears to be aiding him in maintaining the strength and the power he requires to remain at the top of his game. Here is the report on our findings about the Jimmy Graham Muscle Supplements ….

To be continued …

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