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Justin James clearly spent a lot of time during off-season 2018 working on the JJ Watt workout. His horrendous run of injuries over the past 2 seasons is well known. For anyone other than JJ they probably would have been career ending. However, JJ appears to have ‘bounced’ back with a vengeance. And with a physique that has most people in town talking about hulks!

But is the old JJ Watt really back? The JJ who won 3 NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards before things went awry.

JJ Watt Workout - 3Judging from his performances in the 2018 season to date, he could well be. And according to his teammates, plus anyone else who has seen JJ working out, he is.

Which spells bad news for players on opposing teams. Particularly those who started playing NFL during JJ’s extended absence and had only experienced the JJ powerhouse from the safety of their living room.

They have no idea what they’re about to face on the field! A JJ in full fitness mode charging about on a football field is an awe-inspiring and truly frightening sight. Especially if you’re the one lined up in his sights, or in his way.

But what of the JJ Watt workout? What’s he doing this time round that’s allowed him to come back bigger, better, and meaner than before? For starters he tells us all that time off allowed him to start his off-season training a lot earlier. That meant he was fitter and harder earlier, which shows. It also meant he had a significant head start on everyone else. That also shows.

What’s In A JJ Watt Workout?

JJ Watt Workout - 2JJ has been known in the past for being able to bench press 225lbs. Thirty-four times! He can also squat over 700lbs. According to a famous Instagram post, Arnold of Terminator fame once challenged him to do 50 squat reps. Which he obligingly did, plus 1 more for good luck. And he has a pretty mean vertical box jump – his current record is just over 61 inches.

So we’re guessing JJ is back to doing everything it took to be able to those things, and then some. Certainly his physique looks like he is. Add in rope workouts, sled work, and some 1000lb tire flipping for fun and you begin to see how he’s managed to turn himself into a reincarnation of Hulk. He’s also had a like-minded training buddy in Texan quarterback Deshawn Watson. Watson tore his ACL ligament in his rookie season last year so was also coming back from injury.

A Typical JJ Watt Workout As Described By JJ

When asked about his workout routine JJ is typically unassuming. It covers a bit of flexibility training incorporating speed, agility and power. There’s the mandatory spot of weight work and in among that he makes sure all those ‘little muscles’ also receive careful attention. After all, they could be the ones that give way under stress.

As it turns out JJ Watt Workout Supplements (which is what we like to call them) are legal and above board. There isn’t anything sinister about them in any way.

Yes JJ Watt does work out like mad however it’s this secret addition to his diet each day that looks to be aiding him in maintaining the power and the strength he requires to remain at the top of his game. Here is our report on our findings about the JJ Watt Muscle Supplements ….

To be continued …

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