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Have something like Joey Bosa supplements helped the San Diego Chargers’ defensive end become one of the best in the NFL? Even with his injuries?

The Chargers picked Joey Bosa up early in the 2016 draft but his contract wasn’t settled until August. For Joey though it was well worth the wait, and the bargaining. Ultimately it landed him the biggest signing bonus for a rookie since the 2013 draft!

Joey Bosa is also no stranger to pain. The San Diego Chargers’ expensive 3rd place pick has had a run of trouble with injuries since joining the team. He was forced to sit out the first 4 weeks of his rookie season because of a nagging hamstring problem.

Were Joey Bosa Supplements At Play?

Joey Bosa Workout - 2When he did finally hit the field for his first professional game however he certainly made an impression. He was the October 2016 Defensive Rookie of the Month and the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Joey followed it up with a second year that was no less impressive, culminating in him being nominated for his first Pro Bowl. Even though it was later revealed that he’d played all year with a dislocated finger. The injury was finally attended to during the off-season. However it must have caused him a few painful moments during the season.

Unfortunately for his fans, and the San Diego Chargers, Joey then bruised bones in his left foot during 2018 pre-season training camp. Despite resting up during the rest of the pre-season in the hope that he’d make the opening game, it wasn’t to be. In his keenness to rejoin the team he rushed his rehabilitation, which ended up making the injury worse. So it was a plaster cast for Joey to keep the foot immobilized whilst it healed properly! Otherwise it would require season ending surgery and that is something no one wants to see happen. 

Joey Bosa Workout - 3Perhaps The Rest Of The Team Could Do With Joey Bosa Supplements!

The Chargers need Bosa playing in the team. During his absence at the start of the 2018 season they conceded an average of 28 points per game. When he plays, that drops to 21 points a game. So he is certainly a valuable, albeit expensive, addition to the team! Or perhaps the team would benefit from something like all natural Joey Bosa supplements!

It seems that Joey Bosa supplements (as we like to refer to them) are legal and above board. There is nothing sinister about them whatsoever.

Yes Joey Bosa works out like anything but it is this top secret addition to his daily diet that appears to be helping him maintain the strength and power he needs to stay at the top of his game. Here is our account of our findings about the Joey Bosa Muscle Supplements ….

To be continued …

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